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About Tyms

Tyms is a modern accounting software designed to revolutionize the way businesses manage their financial operations. Ambitious companies have found relief from the hassles of traditional accounting with Tyms, which fosters automation, accuracy, and flexibility to help them close their books faster and smarter. Whether you're a CFO, accountant, or business owner, Tyms empowers you to work smarter, not harder. With its automation-first approach, Tyms reduces the need for tedious spreadsheets and manual journal entries, allowing you to keep all your records and computations in one centralized place. The platform's multi-currency and multi-entity capabilities make it easy to manage accounting across branches and different currencies, with real-time tracking of FX gains and losses. But Tyms is more than just a bookkeeping tool. It offers comprehensive budgeting and forecasting features, enabling you to plan your business financials for future opportunities through 3-statement financial modeling and cash flow forecasting. The platform's powerful analytics and reporting capabilities provide real-time insights into your company's performance, helping you make informed decisions to drive growth.

  • Automation-first approach

    Reduce spreadsheets and journal entry hassles, keep record and compute in one place.

  • Multi-currency & Multi-entity

    Manage accounting across branches and different currencies. Track FX gain and losses in real-time.

  • Dashboards and analytics

    Access real-time analytics and insight dashboard for all your financial entries.

  • AI-powered insights

    Ask AI about financial position and performance insights for reporting.

  • Bookkeeping automation

    Manage sales, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equities in one place. Track financial transactions and automate computations in real-time.

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