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Super Powerful app with poor UX

I purchased this app to use the Instagram bot. It worked like a charm! Although it was kind of confusing at first. I was experimenting with adding random options to my workflow and I wanted to start fresh, so I deleted my workspace... big mistake...

The lifetime plan is not added to your account, it's added to your WORKSPACE... and it does show a message that says you will lose everything, but I never thought EVERYTHING meant the $200 I just paid! This is poor user experience in my opinion... If i paid, i should be able to always have 1 workspace with my lifetime plan active not lose it because i pressed the wrong button...

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Why i Bought Uchat

Hello i bought Uchat when it were in the first launch , because it were be very fantastic , but now bought another high level tires , why ,
first thing you should look for the changelog of each apps you would like to buy ,
second there plan , third the functionablility of it
and it all in it
there developing rate very high

you should get UCHAT

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Absolutely game changer

I've been using Uchat since a while and it has streamlined most of my chatbot automation. It has been so helpful, so fast & can fulfil almost every need!

Their FB Community has also been so helpful in each and every question and ensuring that the Uchat users get the best out of their platform.

Kudos to the whole Uchat team

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Awsome App

I've been testing the app for over a month now and decided to purchased it. The app is awesome in all aspects that we have used ( Facebook Messenger Bot and WhatsApp) but the customer support from Mark and Matthew is outstanding so that was the reason I've invested in this product. Keep the good work guys!

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Impressive app

This team convinces me they want to be number one in chat apps. This app gives you so much opportunity to communicate with your customers on so many levels through so many chat platforms. It's very intuitive and gives you so many ways to engage your customers. I recommend getting a hold of some codes.

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Best Bot for Facebook-Ads

I've been looking for a bot to efficiently run my Facebook ads for a long time. There are several other bot vendors, but none of them have been able to build a visual flow builder.

A bot and its steps can get quite complicated. So it's good to work with a Visual Flow Builder.

The many integration options also make it possible to communicate with the bot across other third-party programs (using so-called mini-apps).

I am completely satisfied and have treated myself to T3. Now it's time to build the bot :).

Translated with (free version)

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Looks promising

I have been searching for a better alternative to ManyChat, I think the limits will work just fine for my small business page (Obviously after they revised it 😅). So I got the tier 2 plan. I'm in the process of recreating the flows of ManyChat in uChat, will send more updates once I'm done.

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Best chatbot

I have deployed and tested at least 6 bits in the last two years. This one has all angles covered. They thought of every angle. I could not be more happy. Great videos as well. I saw them all and really my helped with bot. I'm about 85% done with my bot took about three hours.

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Uchat can handle complex channel flows SMS/IVR and webchat coming up

We have some tricky processes to solve for dealing with support and logistical flows and Matthew and his team came at just the right time to save us. He referred me to an expert and that team has earned my trust too. I am excited to see what we can do for my clients who are all over the place without heavy-bots to direct leads and to even handle a future marketplace within the Uchat environment! After 2+ years of trying to solve that logistics niche, I am in it for the long haul with Uchat.

This team is even ready to hear us out on what features we think we may need and is eager to deliver.

I think the deal is at first elusive to many because of the way it is prepared for us but designed to be sustainable over the years to come. I am glad they upped the limits.

I am looking forward to implementing this solution for my clients in an upcoming mobile solution we are getting ready to rollout and it seems like even I will be able to actually build in the system - the UI UX is good and I am glad for the high-quality videos on Youtube.

if there was ever an app/solution on Appsumo that can be so customizable (save MacantaCRM), this chatbot software will impress. I look forward to working with them all and am very excited to build (when the time comes) to offer others Mini-apps within the environment and help me and Uchat make some traction.

Another reviewer mention a 10+ hour livestream made by another sumo-ling who also put this to the grindstone and should be looked at too. His comments are usually quite insightful.

Uchat can't offer help for the actual building the bots, but the referral I got was something that impressed me very much so (Bot Master) and I can tell they grasped my use-case which is something i have been eager to solve for 2 years now. Development starts soon and am excited to roll-out Uchat infrastructures / IVRs and Automation with whatever Uchat offers. Thanks Appsumo and Uchat team for a really powerful solution to bridge Support and Ecommerce and notifications and for the new limits!

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Nearly miss the gem.

I saw this deal before but didnt jump on it. I used bot app before, not as helpful as I expect. When a bot cannot handle customer well, it is useless. Customer will even give up right away when it is a bot.

UChat is different. It covers a full range of message channels. With the Omnichannel feature, you only need to build workflow once and apply to all message channels.

The integration and support are good. I can feel the development team is working hard on it and making a functional and human-like bot is as easy as possible.

Good Job.

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Impressed by integrations

The amount of integrations UChat supports is the biggest amount I've seen in AI chatbots. That combined with all the functionality you get with UChat I must say it's one of the better options out there. The flow builder is just so impressive!

You can watch my review here:

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Rock solid platform

I'm pretty sure that this platform MUST dominate the market, only if it gets a real chance.

UChat is a rock solid platform, which has a plethora of ever-growing features, integration, and documentation

If you have any doubts, go and sign up for a free account and see yourself. Make sure to also check their YouTube channel.

Moreover, there's a friendly, competent, and very responsive team behind the platform

Looking at the deal limits might seem concerning. Personally, I wish it was (and requested that gets) more generous. But before you think this is a bad deal, it's not. If you're slightly unhappy about the limits, think how much power they give you with each single bot (which if you cleverly utilize you can cover multiple aspects of your business)

I really think that if you're considering using bots grab this deal before it goes away forever. Definitely 5 tacos

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