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Vidalytics is the Secret Weapon for Scaling a Video Funnel

About Vidalytics

Vidalytics is the ultimate video marketing platform for entrepreneurs and marketers who need to maximize their video conversions. This cutting-edge tool provides a suite of advanced features that give you unprecedented control and insights over your video content. With Vidalytics, you can finally say goodbye to the guesswork and start optimizing your videos for maximum impact. The platform's smart autoplay, countdown timers, and exit features work together to keep your viewers engaged and drive them towards your desired conversion actions. But Vidalytics isn't just about the bells and whistles - it's about getting real results. By tracking viewer engagement and pinpointing the exact moments that lead to conversions, you can fine-tune your videos and watch your sales skyrocket. Whether you're running video sales letters, online courses, or e-commerce funnels, Vidalytics is the secret weapon you need to dominate your market.

  • Smart Autoplay

    Have your videos autoplay on all devices - Smart Autoplay detects if autoplay with sound is blocked or not, and adapts to either situation for the highest conversions.

  • Calls To Action

    Have calls to action appear on top of or below your videos - tied to the exact time in your video or when it is paused - driving sales without extra hassle.

  • Exit Thumbnails

    If someone pauses your video, they're about to bounce. Re-engage them before this happens by showing an Exit Thumbnail when they hit pause.

  • Play Gates

    Collect names, emails and phone numbers with your videos - Play Gates can lock your videos at a specific time, or appear when someone pauses your video.

  • CRM Tagging

    Tag the contacts in your CRM based on which videos of yours they watched, down to the specific second, taking your marketing automation to a new level.

  • Resume Play

    Allow your viewers to pick up where they left off when they return to your site. Resume Play leads to more engagement and sales.

  • Countdown Timers

    Build scarcity and urgency by driving your viewers to the next step in your funnel when your video ends.

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