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About Voicenotes

Voicenotes is an intelligent note-taking app that aims to revolutionize the way you capture and organize your thoughts. With its state-of-the-art AI transcription and voice recognition capabilities, Voicenotes empowers you to record your ideas, meetings, and insights freely, without the hassle of typing. The app's perfect memory allows you to revisit your past notes and ask your AI assistant to review them, providing intelligent suggestions and insights to help you brainstorm new ideas or create summaries, to-do lists, and even blog posts. Voicenotes supports over 50 languages, ensuring that users from diverse backgrounds can seamlessly capture their thoughts. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or simply someone who values the power of capturing your ideas, Voicenotes is designed to be your trusted companion. With a commitment to privacy, longevity, and beauty, the app offers a delightful user experience that will help you stay organized, inspired, and productive.

  • Voice Recording

    Record your thoughts, ideas, and notes using your voice. The app will automatically transcribe your recordings into text.

  • AI-Powered Note-Taking

    Ask your AI assistant to review your past notes, summarize key points, and brainstorm new ideas based on your recorded thoughts.

  • Content Creation

    Use your recorded notes to create summaries, to-do lists, blog posts, and other content with the help of the app's intelligent suggestions.

  • Multilingual Support

    The app supports over 50 languages, allowing you to record and transcribe notes in the language of your choice.

  • Cross-Platform Availability

    Voicenotes is available on the web, iOS, Android, and soon on smartwatches, allowing you to access your notes from anywhere.

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1 review
Beautiful UI for voice to text

Great UI for voice-to-text and chatGPT capabilities. Basically you can ask questions to your thoughts.

May 21, 2024
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