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One of the best browser experiences ever

I've been an enthusiastic and loyal Wavebox user since it launched. I recommend it dozens of times per week. More powerful than any of the alternatives I've used through the years. Better than any other multi-login option. Excellent development pace, customer support, and ownership. If this was ever to come to AppSumo it would be my fastest purchase of all time. As it is, I happily pay for this tool every year.

Jun 28, 2024
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A more robust and customizable browser experience.

If you use web apps and multiple accounts, Wavebox handles these better than any browser I've tried.

Customizability is higher than any I've tried, letting you design your workflow with amazing granularity. It also allows you create siloed cookie buckets, to keep workspace info separate.

It's the only browser that has let me keep three separate Gmail accounts as there own icons and workspaces on the side app panel. That alone was a hugely useful feature that has made Wavebox my first choice for a productivity browser.

Jun 26, 2024
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