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About Whatmore

Whatmore is an AI-powered video commerce platform that helps e-commerce brands transform their website's video content to boost conversions without impacting page speed. The platform provides an easy-to-use suite of widgets, a dashboard, and an editing studio that enables businesses to create engaging, shoppable videos for their online stores. The primary problem Whatmore solves is the challenge of creating high-quality, conversion-driven video content quickly and efficiently. Many e-commerce brands struggle to produce video assets that effectively showcase their products and drive sales, often due to limited resources, technical constraints, or a lack of in-house video production expertise. Whatmore addresses these pain points by offering an AI-powered solution that automates the video creation process, allowing businesses to transform product images into short, attention-grabbing videos that are synced with the latest music trends and optimized for maximum engagement. Targeting e-commerce brands of all sizes, Whatmore's value proposition is to help businesses unlock their sales and engagement superpowers through the power of shoppable video content. By integrating Whatmore's seamless video widgets and analytics, online stores can create a more immersive and interactive shopping experience, leading to increased conversions, higher customer retention, and ultimately, stronger business growth.

  • Whatmore Studio

    Whatmore Studio is an AI-powered video creation tool that transforms images and videos into engaging sequences with trending songs and custom watermarks.

  • Shoppable Videos

    Whatmore's Shoppable Videos feature seamlessly integrates videos into websites, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

  • AI Content Creation

    Whatmore Studio simplifies AI content creation, transforming images and videos into engaging reels with trending songs and custom watermarks.

  • Reels

    Whatmore's AI-driven story creation allows users to create Instagram-style reels directly on their website.

  • Widgets

    Whatmore offers a collection of customizable widgets, including carousels, floating cards, and grids, to enhance the user experience on e-commerce websites.

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