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In the digital world, your website is your storefront. But what happens when hackers knock on your door, malicious software sneaks in, or your online presence is disrupted, affecting sales and consumer trust? The cost isn't just financial; it's hours, days, even weeks away from your business, tackling problems you never signed up for. WP Security Ninja steps in as your silent guardian. With its hassle-free setup and comprehensive coverage, you can focus on what truly matters - your business. Don't just take our word for it: Customers have praised Security Ninja as 'completely hassle-free', 'very effective protection', and a tool that is 'part of my arsenal' to secure websites. Security Ninja isn't just a plugin; it's peace of mind. Easy to use, yet powerful enough to protect your WordPress site from the shadows. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, securing your site has never been easier.

  • Easy Install Wizard

    Get started in minutes going through the installation wizard that sets up basic protection in minutes.

  • MainWP Integration

    Manage multiple websites with the MainWP integration for centralized security management and combined events log.

  • Firewall - Block dangerous and unwanted traffic

    Automatically block dangerous and suspicious visitors as the first line of defense.

  • Malware Scan

    Scan your website for malicious code infections to ensure security.

  • Auto Fix Problems

    Fix over 30 security issues with a single click to save time on manual remediation.

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34 reviews
So Glad to Find This

WP Security Ninja Review

I've been using WP Security Ninja for several weeks now, and I must say, it has exceeded all my expectations. This plugin is a must-have for anyone serious about securing their WordPress site.

Ease of Use:
Setting up WP Security Ninja was a breeze. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy even for those who aren't tech-savvy.

Comprehensive Protection:
What stands out the most is the thoroughness of its security checks. It runs over 50 security tests, covering everything from brute-force attacks to outdated software. The detailed reports help you understand potential vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

Regular Updates:
The team behind WP Security Ninja is constantly updating the plugin to counter new threats. It's reassuring to know that they are always a step ahead in keeping my site secure.

Despite its robust features, WP Security Ninja doesn’t slow down my site. It operates efficiently in the background, ensuring top-notch security without compromising performance.

Customer Support:
Their customer support is exceptional. Whenever I’ve had questions or needed assistance, they’ve responded quickly and provided clear, helpful guidance.

Additional Features:
The premium version offers even more advanced security measures, including malware scanning and automatic updates. It's worth every penny for the added peace of mind.

In conclusion, WP Security Ninja is an essential tool for safeguarding your WordPress site. Its ease of use, comprehensive security checks, regular updates, and excellent customer support make it stand out from the competition. Highly recommended!

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Great product all around

2FA, security checks and scans, white label agency, and mainwp integration? Great product! Support seems to be prompt as well. Hoping for the best and great future for wp security ninja!

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Support Pulled Through

Although I ran into an issue with the White Label feature at the beginning, I was impressed with the product and features and decided to stick it out. Thankfully, support was able to resolve the issue and everything is in working order now.

I've used WordFence (Paid & Free) on client's websites now for many years and although I have not fully commited to moving client's to WP Security Ninja yet, I am hopefully as my testing continues, this will be a viable possibility.

Shoutout to Lars for assisting me, determining the issue and implementing a fix. Good stuff...

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Has potential

I love that they have integration with mainWP.
Support is great, after they explained very nicely what I did wrong.

It's definately a work in progress.
I am rooting for WP Security Ninja to compete with the big boys.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Great security

I love all the options to secure your site. I however think its difficult to secure your site because I'm new to wordpress and hosting. I hope for videos on exactly what to do, other than that thank you for this plugin, I think its great.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
As others have said - no consolidated panel and MainWP is EXTRA $$$

You never know how good a security suite will be until it saves you from a security issue or you have to find a way to deal with it.

That said, like other reviewers, I was disappointed to find out that the software I purchased is hobbled in that there is no central dashboard except for a separate paid plugin to tie WP Security Ninja to MainWP.

So if you use a different site management tool than MainWP, you're SOL.

Well good thing I use MainWP. So I follow the directions to install the plugin and WHOA, what, I have to pay for it??? The only time I figured out that it was a separately paid plugin was AFTER I installed it on my MainWP site and on my satellite site. What a waste of time! Just state in your deal terms: "This deal DO NOT INCLUDE any way to monitor or control your security from a central location. (and you will have to log into every site to run it or see the results.) (yes you can get email reports on failure - that doesn't count).

Apparently, they've released some free features in that plugin but we'll have to see when they revoke them - apparently after they are done building it.

Other than that, it's actually quite pleasant to work with. It caught some minor things that other software missed. Bravo.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Easy to configure and use

For a wordpress newbie, WP Security Ninja was very easy to set up and start using. I am sure the software will improve even more over time.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
For security software, the first impression is one of absolute insecurity

Unusable and complex from minute one, and the integration with mainwp, the main reason we bought it, FAILS, but it fails miserably, with this message:
Security Ninja for MainWP Pro
We have pro version 4 tier security ninja pro

To enhance your security management capabilities, consider upgrading to the Pro version of Security Ninja. With Pro, you gain access to a combined event log across all your websites equipped with Security Ninja Pro.

Additionally, the Sites overview in the Security Ninja column will display more detailed insights, including malware scan reports and specific settings for each website.

Read more here: Security Ninja for MainWP Pro

Ready to elevate your security game?

There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site administrator's email inbox for instructions.

Learn more about WordPress diagnostics.

There is no way we can access the configuration of wp security ninja, we installed a free version to test, we already saw how botched the test was, but once we bought the pro version, we uninstalled the security ninja module, we reinstalled it and oh surprise, it doesn't leave or ask again for the credentials to configure the $300 pro version that we bought, the first one in the world, is this security software? this is serious? The first thing it generates is frustration, the next is unnecessary and unjustifiable loss of time, the third disappointment and the fourth I N SECURITY. Security software cannot fail to be installed, nor should its user interface be indecipherable gibberish, the difficulty of Use and lack of usability also implies insecurity.

From first disappointments, let's see how long it takes to give us a solution, or if they start to make us dizzy by blaming mainwp and so on, I can see it coming.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Excellente ! Testé au complet et très satisfait !

WordPress est une véritable passoire en termes de sécurité, et malheureusement, la plupart des propriétaires de sites WordPress ne sont même pas conscients de l'ampleur du problème.

J'ai réalisé une vidéo dans laquelle je pirate un site WordPress en quelques minutes, même avec les dernières mises à jour et où je teste WP Sécurité Ninja.
Complete review on : https://youtu.be/ITu1MqqVQZQ

Je dois dire que c'est impeccable ! Ce plugin comble toutes les failles de sécurité identifiées et va même au-delà. C'est une solution tout-en-un. L'audit est très complet, c'est plus presque possible de se faire pirater avec ce plugin

Pour obtenir une protection équivalente gratuitement, il faudrait installer plus de 5 plugins en version d'évaluation. Ici, pour un prix dérisoire, vous bénéficiez d'une protection de bien meilleure qualité.

J'ai pu détecter quelques bugs, mais le support a été très réactif et les a corrigés immédiatement.

Bravo à l'équipe ! Ce plugin démontre une fois de plus que les grands leaders sont souvent coûteux et inefficaces, tandis que les alternatives moins connues offrent souvent une meilleure qualité/prix.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
It does provide protection, but it also has quite a few bugs.

Recently, there have been frequent updates, starting with blocking all my customers' Shop Managers and Editors from logging in due to the firewall, making them completely unable to log in. Some firewall login protection settings changes are ineffective, and now, as of today, the IP whitelist cannot be updated or added.

I don't know when these debugging and update issues will be resolved. I initially planned to use this to replace AIOS because AIOS cannot specify scanning times.

This plugin indeed has some good features, but it also creates quite a few problems.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
WP Security Ninja Pro is an essential WordPress plugin for anyone looking to secure their site.

Offering comprehensive and easy-to-set-up protection, it stands out with its numerous advanced features.

Key Features:

- **Quick Installation**: The setup wizard configures basic protection in minutes.
- **Firewall and Country Blocking**: Automatically blocks dangerous visitors and restricts access by country.
- **Malware and Vulnerability Scan**: Thorough analysis to detect and fix malware and security vulnerabilities.
- **Login Protection**: Protects against fraudulent login attempts with login limitation features and URL modification.
- **Premium Support**: Support provided by the plugin's creators, ensuring quick and effective assistance.


- **Effectiveness**: Efficiently protects against various threats with regular updates and a database of over 600 million malicious IPs.
- **Simplicity**: Intuitive user interface and detailed documentation.
- **Reliability**: Scheduled scans and automatic fixes to maintain security without continuous manual intervention.
- **Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)**: Adds an extra layer of security by requiring two-step verification for logins.

I previously used another solution, and I am happy to switch to WP Security Ninja Pro. I hope they will continue to improve and enhance their plugin for a long time to come.

Thank you for coming to offer your product on AppSumo, and thanks to AppSumo for finding new and incredible offers.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Very easy to configure

It was very easy to configure, has not slowed down my sites.
Trust WP Security Ninja to protect them.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com

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