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Lifetime Deal Gone

Purchased in the past, and then they just canceled the Lifetime promise. Maybe there is a way to bring them back, so they can keep us as users!?

Jun 25, 2024
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They canceled the Lifetime Deal

Nothing works anymore for Lifetime Deal users. This is bad!

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very unreliable company

I have bought the lifetime subscription in 2021, today in May 2024 I have no use of this applications, because I can DO NOTHING with my current plan.
Writesonic does not keep their business promises, better with to other solutions.
I have contacted Writesonic support team - no comments!

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They locked everything

I bought 2 stacks of codes which should give me 80 credits... my account now online has 60. But what's worse is that they added a bunch of features including a new Article Generator 5.0 and us LTD buyers can't access any of them without upgrading to a monthly plan. They totally screwed us over. Bad company.

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They do not honour their LTD offer.

I have bought the LTD when this deal appeared. Supposedly included all future updates in the offer.
Now they changed their plans and their system of charging (credits), added some AI and they offer all these new features to NEW users for FREE up to some point/level of use.
But for us, old LTD users, there is no FREE plan. WE are required to pay in order to even TRY the new features. (or maybe create a different new account)

I contacted support, and after 3 days and after my 2nd ticket, here is what they replied. :

"Hi ---,

Thank you for contacting Writesonic Support.

I see that you are on our old credit-based plan. Some of the recently launched features are not part of this.
For example:
Article Rewriter,
Make Your Own Ai
AI Article Writer 4.0 and many more.
It might have shown you the option to upgrade your plan if you try to use these features. We are helping our old customers migrate for free but the subscription fee alone should be paid.

We recommend you purchase the long-form plan, which will be more suitable for you, with a $19/ Month plan, which will give you 100,000 premium words.

In addition, you can save 33% by opting for the annual billing, which will give a monthly billing of $12.67/ Month.

Please let us know if you are okay with upgrading the plan."

I DO NOT LIKE when LTD supporters are treated as stupid early supporters. And once you get their money, you introduce new features but change your plans so they cannot even get anything unless they pay.

Companies like these should NOT get our support.

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They do not support LTD anymore

WriteSonic got rid of the Starter Plan, credits, and switched models left Lifetime Deal customers financially unable to use the software. There is no access to further updates, and hasn’t been for about a year, because there is no Starter Plan anymore. They’re not even hiding the fact that they’re not supporting us anymore because it’s “unsustainable” to give LTD customers access to new features.

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Not Providing Future Updates

I am Writesonic LTD user who bought 4 codes. Expecting to get all future updates. But they didn't provide any latest updates to me and Now I have to choose their Paid plan to access those latest updates like Article Writer 4.0, Chatsonic, Gpt-4, and more.

Atleast you guys should convert the Credit equivalent to Words for us to access all future updates...
I don't expect this from Writesonic. We are your early supporters. Don't forget that...

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They cut the credits...

After a while they cut my credits to 34 credits per month from 57 credits/month...

I had 40credits with this buy, but they had an promo in wich I could do something and get more credits per month.

Now after a while I only receive 34/month and they upped the points for services so it's like a free plan almost....

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I never imagined how wonderful it could be to run my writings through a program like this to enhance the prose. Thank you!

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One of the best AI writing assistants ever

One of the best AI writing assistants ever! Since I started using it it has saved me a lot of time and helped me worry less about making great content efficiently.

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Great time saver

Great product. I'm using it to write blog posts. I use it to write a 700-800 word article and then expand it to 1400 words (optimal blog post size). Takes 15 minutes to make a post! It makes occasional "funny" sections but overall it's pretty smart.

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Well done

There are a lot of tools out there for AI Copywriting, all built on the same technology. I didn't know which one to pick but I tried the AI article writer from writesonic and it worked really well. i was suprised. it wasn't perfect, but after editing i had a complete article in only at 15 minutes. i would recommend this product.

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