Canva Alternatives

June 5th, 2024

Your ultimate guide to the best Canva alternatives in 2024

Discover the top tools that will help you create stunning designs without breaking a sweat. From powerful editors to intuitive interfaces, these alternatives have got you covered.

Top Tools For Creative Mastery

Unlock your creativity and boost your productivity with these game-changing tools.
Your ultimate guide to the best Canva alternatives in 2024

1. Venngage — Most accessible infographic maker


Venngage Pros

Accessibility features baked into the editor
AI-powered design tools for generating visuals
Dedicated support available 24/5 for premium users

Venngage Cons

Broader range of design templates in Canva
Canva's intuitive interface is more beginner-friendly
Extensive team collaboration features in Canva
Our take

Venngage excels in creating accessible and data-driven visuals, leveraging AI-powered tools to make your infographics pop. While Canva's broader design options and beginner-friendly interface are impressive, Venngage stands out for making complex data visualization and compliance with accessibility standards a breeze. Each tool has its strengths, so choose based on your needs – Canva for a broad range of design options and Venngage for top-notch infographics and data visuals.

2. VistaCreate — The most versatile toolkit for your brand


VistaCreate Pros

Vast library of over 100,000 free design templates
Supports collaboration with up to 10 team members
Brand Kit and Styles features make brand management easy

VistaCreate Cons

Canva's Magic Studio offers more advanced AI tools
Canva allows unlimited team members
Canva has a larger user base and more community support
Our take

When it comes to choosing a graphic design tool, VistaCreate packs a punch with its extensive library of templates, collaborative features, and brand management tools. While Canva might have a leg up with its AI-powered tools and larger community, VistaCreate’s toolkit is tailored for solopreneurs and small teams looking for flexibility and ease of use. Whether you're engaging viewers with animations or quick design resizes, VistaCreate ensures your brand story stands out without the fuss.

3. Stencil — Most seamless social media designer


Stencil Pros

Instant resizing for over 140 preset dimensions
Real-time preview of images
Integration with Buffer for post scheduling

Stencil Cons

Canva's larger template and image library
Better collaboration tools in Canva
Canva's bigger user community support
Our take

When it comes to creating eye-catching social media visuals, Stencil is your go-to for instant resizing and live previews that take the guesswork out of design. While Canva offers a broader arsenal and larger community, Stencil's seamless integration with Buffer ensures your posts are perfectly scheduled. Choose wisely, solopreneur – the design battlefield is yours to conquer!

4. Snappa — Easiest graphic design tool


Snappa Pros

User-friendly interface for creating graphics in a snap
Efficient one-click background removal
Extensive library of free high-res stock photos

Snappa Cons

Larger collection of design templates in Canva
Advanced AI tools with Canva's Magic Studio
Canva supports unlimited team members for collaboration
Our take

While Canva boasts an impressive range of templates and advanced AI tools, Snappa cuts through the noise with its lightning-fast, user-friendly interface perfect for solopreneurs. With features like one-click background removal and access to a massive stock photo library, Snappa keeps things simple and efficient, ensuring you look like a design pro in no time. For those chasing quality graphics without the hassle, Snappa is your go-to.



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