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Took the deal. Good but too few ads are listed

I love the soft, despite two major issues :

1) Way too few ads are listed. As soon as you put couple criteria you often fall under 30 ads. The soft should automatically ad ads and ad account when certain criteria are met. I.e ad is runing for x nbre of days, has x nbre of interactions and is runed by a page that has x nbre of ads. That would dramatically increase the nbre of ads
2) You can't sort ads for precise date ranch. That's a really basic feature.

Plus, it would be good to have possibility to analyse ads and ad comment to ads like we can do with our own ads in the drive section.

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Game changer!

I've explored many products similar to AdNova, such as Foreplay, MagicBrief, and, most recently, Tryatria. While these alternatives are kind of refined, they still have room for improvement. For instance, for agencies managing multiple clients, having workspaces rather than multiple boards is far more practical. Additionally, AdNova's Drive feature is revolutionary for providing real-time feedback; changes can be tracked historically with each new iteration of the video uploaded.

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Great ad insights tools - perfect for agencies.

I have tested the platform and it is really great. Easy to use and helpful functions to get insights into the advertising market. Perfect for ad agencies. The support is also great. I had a problem redeeming and got help immediately.

An absolute recommendation.

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Amazing Tool Overall

Only missing feature is that unable to save regular posts.

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I recommend this tool highly for ad agencies.

Despite encountering challenging questions and requests, the team responded promptly and efficiently resolved the issues. If you operate a local advertising agency, this tool has the potential to deliver numerous benefits, allowing you to attract new clients and offer more personalized services to existing ones.

Yes, you can manually search and extract ads from the ad platform's ad library, just like you've done before. However, this process is highly labor-intensive. This tool removes the necessity for daily manual monitoring of your competitors' ads. Detective tool conducts automatic monitoring, saving historical data not available in the ad library.

You can collaborate easily by adding clients to Workplace and adding creative and copy to Drive.

Naming the workplace with the client's brand and inviting team members and clients to work there helps the agency gain trust from clients by showing its expertise and authority.

The issue of not enough advertising in certain local areas was quickly resolved by allowing users to directly request the brands we want.

I recommend this tool highly for ad agencies.

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Cool product but doesn't work

Discover section doesn't really show any accurate results, big bummer as that's the only useful case for the product.

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Ad Creative Super Sidekick!

I'm going to keep this review short.

If you run ads on either Meta(Facebook/Instagram) or TikTok then you 100% should buy this!

Trust me, you won't regret it!

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It does the job

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Adnova really impressed me! I've been waiting for Ad Spy Tool, which is excellent but can do even more.

Adnova really impressed me.  It is a beautiful, very clean UI, so you can focus on the ads with a minimalistic and nonevasive clean view of the creatives that aren't disruptive like other Ad Spy Tools.  It is game over once they catch up with their competitors regarding the size of their Advertisement database and the number of Ad Channels.  I already like the tool way better than most ad spy tools.

Right now, the filtering is essential, but the team is working on making it more robust to better narrow in on your target ads and creatives. Unlike other ad spy tools, it provides unique features like creating a creative workflow. It is trying to be an all-in-one tool, which it is doing well.

I have bought a lot of AppSumo software, and this one got me excited. I will continue sending feature requests in their roadmap portal to ensure they beat out their competitors!  Do not miss investing in this software before it goes away. I already purchased Tier 3 and am glad I did.

Summarizing Adnova in its current state:
Adnova is a comprehensive platform designed for brands and agencies to simplify and enhance their creative processes. It offers several key features and benefits:
Easy Discovery, Analysis, and Creation: Access an extensive library of creative content, analyze trends and competitor strategies, and create high-quality creatives efficiently.
Free Forever: No credit card is required, making it accessible for users without financial commitment.
Trusted by Over 500 Brands: Indicates reliability and effectiveness.
One-Stop Platform: Consolidates various tools and resources for managing the creative process.
Unique Environment for Teams: Tailored for creative and performance teams to collaborate and innovate.
Effortless Collaboration and Sharing: Save, collaborate in real-time, and share inspirations seamlessly.
Competitor Insights: Provides insights into competitor strategies for benchmarking and adopting best practices.
Fast Asset Management: Proof and deliver assets faster, enhancing efficiency in fast-paced industries.
Iterative Creative Process: Encourages continuous improvement based on performance data.
Preferred by Top Teams: Favored for scaling creative production and increasing revenue.
Accelerated Workflow: Streamlines the creative process, reducing bottlenecks.
Adnova is a robust solution offering extensive features for discovery, analysis, creation, collaboration, and asset management. Its user-friendly approach and free access model suit small teams and large organizations looking to enhance their creative output and performance.

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It was a huge surprise...

One day I heard the value you give to the world returns so...

If you are already here, grab this tool now, I have a Tier 3, I like its present a lot and I already love its future.

Obviously this is a tool that gives you a competitive advantage so grab your preference tier and be fast.

Note: The support always answer in less than 30 minutes and fix something in less than 24 hours.

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Lots to Love on a VERY cool Ads Spy system

I have tried nearly 12 Ad spy tools and I love the unique USP of this addition.
Its a beautiful interface, fast results on search (Brand or keyword search in ad copy) and the ability to see both new (Dated daily) or longest runner ads from their database of approx 18 months. (longest I've seen so far). Data is Spot on accurate revealing important data like Gender, EU top countries success growth, word cloud, easy Downloads to local offline study and cloud upload to internal storage in the SAAS.

Obviously the live client connection to hold design discussions off the saved ads is great but remember its on their domain and offers client to sign up so I will only be using it for my own team.

What Id love to see is:

1. More demographic country data
2. A better way of seeing the overall multiple (if available) campaigns across different platforms
3. More platforms like Pinterest ads, Snapchat, Twitter, you get the idea !
4. Downloadable PDF reports with Our Brand on name of report from within the Detective reports
5. Please increase the detective numbers for us. They are way too low to get the sales you might need.

Increase the detective & Ill push hard my end for you too as this SAAS Really is special & I love it already. Its a Joy to use & leverages other peoples hard work very well (Create not copy !)

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Now it's more easy to save Ad Inspirations.

Personally Like d it. If a brand isn't listed, after requesting its addition, its included within 24 hours and Sharing insights is straightforward with the ability to share links to specific ads. I can efficiently manage and organize ad campaigns and the platform supports annotations and facilitates direct discussions among clients or team members.

There are a few CONS too.

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Cost-Effective: Allows small agencies to offer high-quality ad management services without significant upfront costs.

Ease of Use: Simplifies the process of gathering and analyzing ads from competitors, making it easier to strategize and optimize ad campaigns.

Client Management with custom workspaces: Create separate workspaces, customize settings, add team members, and organize client assets with logos, custom fields, and tags.

Brand detective: Detects brands, and reveals active creatives, ad types, common phrases, and landing pages to inform strategic decisions.

Detailed insights and analytics: It provides organized repositories and detailed insights to impress clients with valuable data and trends.

Inspiration library: It helps me to upload my inspirations, or my team collections, or utilize a curated ad library equipped with advanced AI search capabilities.

Chrome extension for Ad Management: Save ads instantly, and tag them for easy organization within AdNova, enhancing workflow efficiency.

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