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Alphana "Reigns"

I use several great tools for transcribing text from videos (thank you, Appsumo), but Alphana literally "Reigns" far above them all. It functions like an old established company with real progressive energy coursing through its veins. What the description says is only a fraction of the reality that Alphana provides.
I know I haven't written anything specific here, but I guarantee you that this is a truly exceptional tool for content creators.
If you write blogs, send emails, newsletters, if you need video summaries, short videos,... you have templates ready to generate it all in one click. And if you think of anything else, you have an AI at your disposal that will "read" the video and create the content according to your most secret wish.
Friends, even what I've listed here is just a small fraction of what Alphana can do. Of course - there's a human behind everything... An amazing creator (who responsibly reads and instantly solves everything you write to him) - Sebastian. Thank you, Sebastian!

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A Swiss Army Knife for Repurposing Content!!

Alphana AI is THE SWISS ARMY KNIFE for repurposing your existing content. It offers diverse features that have saved me countless hours of manual work. From generating engaging social media posts to creating lead magnets and conceptual thumbnails, Alphana AI does it all precisely and efficiently. It has become indispensable in my marketing toolkit, allowing me to deliver high-quality content across various platforms consistently. If you're looking for a tool that does it all to repurpose your existing content, look no further than Alphana AI! A MUST HAVE! BUY IT NOW BEFORE THIS NO-BRAINER DEAL IS GONE FOREVER.

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Excellent tool

I have used the tool several times and find it incredibly valuable. It offers a wide variety of cards that can transform videos into various types of content. I could even generate multiple-choice questions for educational purposes, which is very useful and time-saving to me since I am a teacher and use my content to teach. The support team is responsive and quick to answer queries. The user interface is nice and intuitive. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

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Fantastic !

Alphana is the one i was waiting for.
I come from different tools i have used in the past few months and it clearly shines brighter than those : i had a very (horrible) experience with Unifire (such i bad tool, i can't understand they have so many good reviews, even review videos on youtube barely give it a 1 star...). This is just to say that a have tried others, and in comparaison, Alphana is way ahead.

Now i don't know about video content (i don't use those cards with short video creation), but for the rewrite of texts (key take aways, summary...) i'd say it's very good. Sometimes you have to regenerate (it happens) but overall the experience is usually very pleasant.

I see this app doing very well in the future if they keep listening to the user feedback (wich they do, support is very good). I think BYOK would be a very (major?) improvement (so we can choose something like sonnet 3,5 for output, which i think is better).

I also think integration with wide rage of the automation tools (make, active pieces) would even more enhance the power the app allready has.

As a conclusion, discovering this app was a Very good surprise for me, i recommend
4 tacos, hoping to give 5 with a few improvements down the road

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WOW! Just WOW!

With very little effort, I was able to set up a template (workflow) and converted massive amounts of audio files into usable and high quality content. I am having so much fun exploring!

One feature I would like to see is a way to organize or group the projects and maybe a way to bulk download an entire page with all card data.

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The Best For Short Form Content and video marketing!!

This alphana is a beast! It quickly and accurately edits your content with SEO, Hashtags, Titles and more I'm so happy I have this now

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Great tool

Future is bright for them. Founder is very active and responsive in chat which indicates a passion for the product.
Really like the product and how you can customize prompts.
Shorts generator still not the best but have room to improve.
Hope they can add folder too to better organize
Got Tier 3 and happy with it

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All In One Content Repurposing Tool

If you are creating any type of video or audio content do not miss out on this deal. Alphana makes it super easy to create workflows and leverage AI to create all types of content. While I have used several tools and my fair share of chatgpt, the beauty of this tool is everything is on one page. Not only does it come pre-packeaged with over 30 templates, you can edit the existing ones or create your own.

The software is very easy to use and I was up and running in less than 10 minutes. The output is pretty good as well from AI images, to newsletters, reels and shorts this has everything you need to multiply your existing content very quickly. I also have to give a huge plug to the support team I had a simple question late at night on a Sunday and got a response on live chat almost instantly.

What this offers is time savings and the ability to consistently create assets that can be shared far and wide increasing the distribution of the single piece of content. Overall I am impressed and enjoying breathing new life into my content. By the way I took an old Youtube video put it in Alphana, created a YT short and within 1 hour it hit 1,000 views. Alphana gave me the hashtags, short, description and viral hooks within seconds. Don't miss this deal! Great tool and excellent team.

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When I saw what Alphana is capable of, I was immediately impressed.

Note: This is NOT a criticism: Although YouTube is apparently experiencing issues today, which I was clearly informed about immediately after creating my account, I tested it anyway. Result: It lagged (as expected...)

I asked the support team if this would still be deducted from my credits. The (quick) response was: No. Without me even asking, I was directly given the helpful suggestion to upload the video directly, which I did.

Actually, I initially just wanted to quickly generate a LinkedIn post for the video and link to the corresponding YouTube video in the post. However, the quality of the text that Alphana provided impressed me so much that I ended up using it (in adapted form) across all my social media channels. The ease of adapting the respective prompts is not only very simple but also intuitively found where you would expect it.

I can only say, the possibilities that open up are breathtaking.

By the way, the onboarding is top-notch: The menu items are explained immediately and you can’t miss the nearly 20-minute video tutorial that entertainingly and informatively shows you the many options.

Incidentally, the support team contacted me again to check if the upload was successful. Yes, it was. And I was thrilled to see that you can check the upload progress at any time with a progress bar.

There is certainly much more for me to discover. But I felt it was important to write this review right away.

I certainly use at least 10 AI tools. This one is likely to hold a special place for me.

By the way, I produce outputs mostly in German. Sometimes the formulations are not very smooth, but I then refine them by hand or with another AI tool.

By the way, I started with Tier 2 and will probably upgrade to Tier 3.

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The One Feature I Really Wanted, Doesn't Work

I really had high hopes for Alphana...but...

Given what the platform was offering, I purchased tier 2.

Although I purchased tier 2, I was added to the platform as a tier one.

From there, I uploaded a 47 minute video...the upload took 23 minutes...I can live with that.

Requested 5 video shorts based on the above video...waited, waited, waited and waited.

I waited more than an hour so I cancelled because nothing happened. No shorts created.

I gave up on the 5 shorts prompt and tried the youtube workflow. Same problem...spinning circles and no output.

I can see the intention of the software, but currently, it was a bit of a let down. :(

Unfortunately, of all of the features, the one I really wanted to work, doesn't deliver, so I refunded.

I wish Alphana all the best for the launch and the future of the software, I can see it having a place in the future!

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A YouTuber's Dream Tool

Okay, at first glance I pulled Alphana off the shelf to see what it was about. My first thought was to test this against some of the other tools I had purchased in this genre. CastMagic, then the newest comer Unifire. Alphana surprisingly held it's own. Why? Well I searched for Alphana's superpower right off the bat and discovered that it had YouTube powers that the others did not have. I not only could get the usual YouTube description, timestamps, title, but I could also create thumbnail ideas. Not that it would create thumbnails for me but I could get the idea and concept then download and add my text in an editor like Canva etc. It also could find the impact points in my video and generate tiktoks, shorts or reels. Again, no one is quite doing that yet. I was also able to take a full webinar and create an outline for an ebook or leadmagnet right from one of the 30 available cards. You can see that in this short video here

The reason why I say it is a YouTubers Dream is because you can do everything in one shop or from one program. No other tool currently gives me that entire workflow. Alphana can do other things but to me and in my opinion as a YouTuber it is just in time. I think a tool like can still do some of the best descriptions but it does not give me the ability to write or add an ebook outline nor does Taja give me twitter (X) or reels abilities.

I can create pictures for my new ebook based off of that same video using Dall-E and coming soon MidJourney. Yep, no one is doing that or no LTD has done all of that in the same program just yet. They also share the prompts with you on their designs to help you become a better prompt writer. No other tool shares their prompts with you. (Sweet Secret feature)
This tool has range and it warrants a Tier 2 Nod at least. I can think of 3 Business ideas with this tool right off the cuff.

-Need to format videos for short form a little better
-Need more languages
- Does not have bring your own keys capability (This would shift some of the cost from the company as they become larger, but possible could lead to a higher api server call cost as well) not a deal breaker but most companies are adding this as a separator.
-UI could use a little work
-Help files or Help center could use a little work (support chat was very very good but with the popularity of this tool that could change)

Summary: I think Alphana and their team deserves a chance on your shelf as they can see what you need to become successful. They are flexible and want to take your ideas to help them build the best tool. Give it a spin and see for your self. For YouTube in my opinion it ranks the highest in my toolshed for workflow and Lord knows I have a lot of tools in my shed.

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