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They haven’t been able to make a translation for 2 years, the app has been slow for 2 years

I started developing the mysite application a long time ago, and it remained slow and sluggish. Updates come slowly, support responds very slowly and every time they try to close the ticket after a wait... Nothing is resolved and at the same time they close the tickets...

I have asked many times to make a normal translation of buttons and texts, even when using the addon it does not work. The words are not translated, don’t ask me to send screenshots or write more specifically, I already did everything in the ticket, attached screenshots, the support service recorded the problem and still... still wait a year for something to happen. The feeling that you have 1 person working for 2 hours a week... well, just add a translation of a couple of words, just that.... or give us the opportunity to translate the words of buttons and labels ourselves.... The worst builder, in two years they create applications that It's a shame to show it to anyone... let alone sell it...

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Frustrations with Website and App Performance and Payment Requirements

The website components take a long time to load, and the app preview is very slow. Everything seems to require payment - if you want to use anything, you have to pay. It's frustrating because it feels like you have to pay for everything just to get your app published smoothly. There's no option for basic analytics without paying, and the same goes for publishing the app and adding chat functionality. It's frustrating that even basic analytics aren't included. The plans don't seem to match up with what's offered on the website, and it feels like they're intentionally leaving out features so they can charge us for them. Every time I try to do something, I'm met with a paywall and forced to upgrade.

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Please upgrade tier1(2023) user "No branding in app"

Nice features,the best software for building mobile app. Easy for beginners. But the officials will renege on their promises.

The story starts in November 2023, when AppMy Site is also in Appsumo, and I saw Sheen's answer and confirmation in Q&A that even if it's Tier 1, the generated apps won't be branded as "AppMySite". At that time, I was in need of this software, so I purchased it.

To my surprise, in June 2024, the product was again published in Appsumo, and the Tier 1 would clearly show the branding.

I agree that the price of the product will change over time, but the purchase was based on an official promise.
I would like to resolve this issue with the official. At least 2023 buyers should be given this feature instead of having to upgrade or buy a plugin.

This feature was promised to Tier 1 (2023) users.Please reply my ticket #152626.

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I purchased Tier 5 hoping to have everything I need to create apps for my agency.

But many of the parts necessary to create professional apps have become an add-on.

Doesn't work:

1. I can't access analysis.
2. I can't create merge apps.

Any improvement in the application is paid for by lifetime customers.

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Will Exceed Most People’s Expectations

I’ve been looking for something similar since last 7 life’s. I’m glad i made it through. Hope they keep on improving and adding new features to the already amazingness.
Thanks Appsumo and people at AppMySite.

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Better than expected -- good value

The UI is slow as snails and a little clunky. But, it does all work. You have an impressive amount of ways to build and customize your app. It's better than I expected it to be, tbh. It's better than quite a few other app builders I tried: GoodBarber (decent), AppPresser (crap), Natively (crap).

Biggest gripe I see besides the slow, clunky UI is that the custom font options are all bad, and I don't see any way to upload my own typefaces.

But as a lifetime deal for a basic app, it's better than a lot of other options. If you have more money to spend I'd look at median or mobiloud

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Decent deal, but most add-ons would be required.

I just purchased the License Deal 4 ($329 for 50 Apps). It's a decent deal, but most of the service add-ons I would need in order to properly launch my apps. At the moment, I'm seeing what my capabilites are, but the add-ons are a big part of my final decision as to wither keep or get a refund.

I'm an Appsumo Plus member and reply on AppSumo for lifetime deals. In my world, almost everything is a monthly/yearly expense, making it difficult to commit. Maybe I'm the exception, but feel that an offer for a full blow white label agency with all the add-on and 10 apps would be an honorable AppSumo deal.

Most of us here are trying to make a living while taking risks in your companies. Pros/cons.
Then there's the time spent learning the new tools, to really see if they work for our current and future needs.

Service add-ons:
Analytics, Chat, Rich Notifications, Team, Branding, etc..

Thanks for listening.
Loyal customer

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Why change the product features after selling the app and when the time to refund has expired.

I bought your AppSumo Tier 1 plan on 29 November 2023. I built a test app at that time on your platform and there was no such line on the top of the app stating "this app is built on Appmysite" but now it is there. will it stay there, when I publish my app on google store. If yes then you should have done this at the time of purchase in december at that time there was clean interface. Now we can't do anything we can't get our money back.

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Delighted with the experience

I've published two apps with AppMySite so far. I was having trouble publishing an app in the iOS store, so I booked a meeting with AppMySite. The support agent (I forgot her name, which I shouldn't have - sorry) was very helpful. She guided me through the step I was having issues with and shared her screen while she worked. It was a great experience.

I wish the app could be accessed offline, at least partially, and a more advanced page builder would be the cherry on top.

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Many features missing and not working as expected

The quizzes didn't came out as expected in the app though they work great on the website.
Very restrictive in terms of features. There are many month/yearly add-ons purchase needed post purchasing this LTD. This includes in-app purchase enablement, analytics, 1 click publish..
This app seems ok if want to use for basic website and dont need above features..

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One of the very best

Ever since Appmysite was launched, it has received continuous upgrades and the support team is very responsive as well.

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No Publishing or Agency

Very annoyed with this product in so many ways. There documentation to publish apps isn't accurate at all and I had to update them on what the documentation should say given the major left out details to this and after almost a month the documentation still isn't updated.

Now we have the agency plan where we have everything they actually charge for in tier 5 and there not including it! If we gotta pay for agency then we wouldn't buy the lifetime here!

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