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About Bytecap

ByteCap is a powerful video captioning tool that makes it easy to add custom, AI-generated captions to your videos. With ByteCap, you can boost engagement, maximize viewership, and retain your audience by making your videos more accessible and engaging. The tool uses advanced speech recognition technology to automatically generate captions that are 99% accurate, and you can further customize the captions with a wide range of fonts, colors, emojis, effects, and more. ByteCap is designed for a wide range of users, from video editors and content creators to podcasters and streamers, who want to make their videos more engaging and accessible. One of the key benefits of ByteCap is that it saves you time and effort. Instead of manually adding captions to your videos, you can let ByteCap do the work for you, generating captions in seconds. This frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your video production, such as editing and promotion.

  • AI Captions

    Auto create 99% accurate captions fast with advanced speech recognition.

  • Customize

    Personalize captions with custom fonts, colors, emojis, effects, music, highlights and more.

  • AI Features

    Boost engagement with an AI-generated hook title and description.

  • 99% Accuracy

    Create custom captions in moments.

  • Captions within seconds

    Support for 99+ languages + auto language detection, Highlight Keywords, World-class speech recognition, Complete caption control, Sync Trendy Sounds, Add background music.

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1 review
Super fast and accurate

Generating captions was super quick. New caption styles are constantly being introduced.

Jun 25, 2024
Ali Mansour
Ali Mansour
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