A powerful multi-server hosting control panel

A single admin and customer UI Containerised websites Built-in incremental backups

About Enhance

Enhance is a powerful hosting control panel that makes it easy for web hosts and agencies to manage their entire hosting infrastructure from a single, intuitive interface. With its robust security features, flexible scaling capabilities, and seamless website management tools, Enhance empowers businesses to deliver high-performance, secure hosting solutions to their customers. The platform's key features include server and website containerization, brute force protection, automatic SSL provisioning, and role-based user access - all designed to harden security and prevent vulnerabilities from affecting other sites. Enhance also offers a range of web server options, including NGINX, Apache, LiteSpeed, and OpenLiteSpeed, as well as tools to easily move websites between servers and configure custom website placement rules. For web hosts and agencies, Enhance provides a scalable, zero-config hosting platform that can grow from 1 to 10,000 servers without per-server licensing costs. The platform's ease-of-use features, such as 1-command setup and server provisioning, make it simple to manage the entire hosting infrastructure from a single UI, including the ability to impersonate customer accounts to see exactly what they see.

  • Clustering support

    Deploy 1 - 10,000 servers to your cluster and manage them all from a single UI.

  • Disaster recovery

    Restore sites to another server within your cluster from the last available backup, with all DNS (and CloudFlare if enabled) automatically updated.

  • Simple server deployment

    Provision new servers to your cluster with a single command.

  • Zero config scaling

    Each server automatically inherits your global settings - make changes per-server where needed.

  • Website placement rules

    Configure rules to automatically distributed sites to servers based on 'least load', 'least websites' or at 'random'.

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Platforms supported

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

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