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Beautifully simple website analytics

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The Website Analytics I've been searching for!!

I've been looking for a straightforward replacement for Google Universal Analytics and have tried just about every alternative out there. Then I came across Flamingo (formerly Wiser) in a Reddit post and decided to give it a try. I absolutely love its simplicity—tracking all my traffic and campaigns in a clear, no-nonsense way!

Our team consists of three people in a company of 20. Sharing our marketing successes is crucial, and Flamingo makes this incredibly easy for us.

The intuitive UI saves us time and ensures everyone stays on the same page.

Jul 22, 2024
Purchased from: flamingohq.com
Website Analytics made easy!

I've been getting very frustrated with GA4 and simply wanted an analytics that was easy to install and easy to understand. Flamingo looks great, it captures everything I need and it doesn't need consent to capture data. Living it

Jul 9, 2024
Gary Tuohy
Gary Tuohy
Purchased from: flamingohq.com