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Transform your work environment from disconnected to engaged with real-time data and AI, making performance, feedback, and recognition daily habits.

About is an AI-powered culture platform that transforms disconnected workplaces into engaged, high-performing teams. By providing real-time data and AI-driven insights, empowers leaders to make performance, feedback, and recognition daily habits. With science-backed features like pulse surveys, emotional regulation, and manager training, helps organizations unite their teams around shared values, reduce turnover, and boost productivity. Trusted by over 1,000 teams, is the solution for creating a workplace people love. At the heart of is a mission to make work more meaningful and fulfilling. The platform's intuitive design and engaging features make it easy for employees to stay connected, provide feedback, and celebrate each other's achievements. By aligning daily actions with company culture, reinforces core values and empowers everyone to be culture leaders. Whether you're a growing startup or a global enterprise, is the tool you need to build a thriving, high-performing workplace. With its data-driven insights and actionable recommendations, gives leaders the power to make informed decisions and drive meaningful improvements. Join the thousands of teams who have transformed their culture with

  • Real-time Insights

    Gain unparalleled visibility into your team's performance with real-time people analytics. Eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions.

  • Pulse Surveys

    Enhance self-awareness and empathy for a balanced, healthier mindset through regular pulse surveys.

  • Peer Feedback

    Turn complaints into constructive conversations that build trust and solve problems.

  • Personalized Learning

    Receive personalized, bite-sized lessons to transform mindsets based on daily challenges.

  • Team-building Activities

    Foster relationships and shared values that drive meaningful work through team-building activities.

  • Rewards

    Offer gift cards and perks to reward top performers and keep them engaged.

  • Recognition

    Align daily actions with company culture and values through integrated recognition.

  • Group Rewards

    Bring your core values to life and reward your culture leaders through group rewards.

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