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About Inboxy

Inboxy is the ultimate email deliverability tool that ensures your messages reach your prospects' inboxes effortlessly. Tired of your emails landing in spam or the dreaded promotions folder? Inboxy is here to change the game. With its unique AI-powered technology, Inboxy automatically warms up your email domains, boosting your sending reputation and guaranteeing that your outreach campaigns land in the primary inbox. No more worrying about deliverability - Inboxy takes care of it all, so you can focus on what really matters: closing deals and generating more leads. Whether you're a sales professional, a marketing manager, or a small business owner, Inboxy is the solution you've been searching for. By leveraging a private network of headless browsers and advanced AI algorithms, Inboxy ensures that your emails consistently reach your target audience, leading to higher open rates, better response rates, and more booked meetings - all within just 14 days of signing up.

  • Inbox Supercharger

    Our proprietary inbox management system allows for 700% more interactions on your outbound messages to get you out of spam inboxes 9x faster than our competitors.

  • Headless Management

    We use our own internal headless browsers instead of Google's API to guarantee your emails get through all spam checks and boosts your primary inbox placement.

  • AI Inbox Adjustments

    Our AI powered inbox tool captures live activity in your inbox and automatically adjusts our sending metrics so you successfully avoid your inbox's restrictions.

  • Domain Score IQ

    We track your domain's reputation metrics and compare against our database of domains to ensure you always achieve better email deliverability.

  • Reputation Restoration

    Inboxy assists in reviving damaged email reputations, moving your emails from the SPAM folder to the primary inbox, and even replying to them.

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