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Kill all unnecessary back and forth nonsense. Save your team, designers, devs and students many many wasted hours.

About Instacap

Instacap is the ultimate visual feedback and collaboration tool that streamlines the design and development process. With Instacap, teams can capture screenshots, annotate them, and share feedback instantly - all without the need for logins, meetings, or endless email threads. Whether you're a designer, developer, or product manager, Instacap empowers you to get everyone on the same page, literally. Collect and organize visual feedback in one centralized place, saving time and eliminating the back-and-forth nonsense that plagues so many projects. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Instacap is the go-to tool for over 27,000 users worldwide who rely on it to keep their teams aligned and their projects moving forward efficiently.

  • Instant Commenting & Screen Capture

    Annotate screenshots without opening multiple apps and share a cropped or full scrolling webpage screen capture with annotations and comments in one click.

  • Visual Feedback

    Avoid long explanations, countless screenshots and meetings by sharing visual feedback asynchronously directly on top of any webpage, screenshot or file via a single link.

  • Collaboration on PDFs, Images & More

    Collect and share visual feedback on top of any PDF or document - all auto-organized in one place.

  • Screen & Voice Recording

    When text and typing are too slow or limiting, add a transcribed voice note or record your screen and voice for more in-depth explanations.

  • Website/App QA

    Save time capturing and organizing countless screenshots across different tools. Capture a full page screenshot of your website, then pinpoint, discuss and resolve issues with in-context comments, replies and annotations.

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  • Linux

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What everyone's saying

5 reviews
A rough 4 stars…

The annotation tool seems pretty generic.. like an old school paint feel. Wish it was how the comment button is where it feels integrated into Instacap And not a separate feeling entity.
But.. gets the job done. Right.

But the comment button that drops a pin is the best way to use it to be quick. maybe a hold and drag the click to outline in a colored square or circle outline with comments like the pin now. would be simple and effective.and easy to keep.. more of a flow feel and simplify the process.

Pretty useless for mobile which is what I was hoping with the web version would solve for my shirt design feedback to my clients. Which they CAN comment but not add photos without an account. Ugh.

Hate asking clients I barely know to sign up for anything.

But 4 stars for the potential, sweet ui, and it’s an appsumo start up… so 4 stars for having a lot I like. And it looks good. Just … a littttttle pinch of polishing.

And it’s a solid piece of software.

Folders, projects, extension is simple to use cough cough wish you had free select where you can drag what to highlight freely lol but not a biggie. It’s clean and works for quick capture.

Mobile web app. Pleaseeeeee.

So my clients can make you make me need this app.

Great potential. Again. No knocks. Just a feedback. And I see people dunking on this. And idk why. Stop expecting the final product. Week one of a launch of anytjing on here.

Keep up the good work.

Maybe make the pin icon way bigger when you click for a comment.

4 tacos fosho

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🌟 Instacap is an ABSOLUTE GAME-CHANGER! 🌟

Instacap is a game-changing Chrome extension (soon a desktop app as well) for anyone who needs to capture, annotate, and share screenshots efficiently. It supports everything from partial to full-page captures, making it incredibly versatile for web developers, QA teams, marketers, and more... 🌐

The real magic lies in its annotation features; you can draw, comment, and upload additional documents or images directly onto your screenshots, making in-context collaboration a breeze. Yes, a breeze, because you can share the link with your guests - no login is needed! ✨

Best of all, the intuitive folder and project management system ensures your screenshots stay organized and easy to access. No more hunting through endless files! 👌

Grab the LTD on AppSumo and enjoy hassle-free screen capturing and collaboration. This tool is an absolute must-have for anyone serious about efficient visual feedback! 📌

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User experience is amazing, but I wish the actual output was of similar visual quality to the actual UI.

What I expected:

- Due to the amazing UI design and branding of the website and backend, I expected to be able to get similar visual options/output for my screenshots. That is not the case.

- The amazing branding and wonderful website, plus the polished marketing mockups duped me into thinking there would be more unique/polished annotation, markup options.

What I got:

- Pretty much the same annotation/markup/editing quality as Microsoft Paint or system Snipping Tool, plus the sharing function.

- The built in fonts for InstaCAP were not impressive either; Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Arial.


I'm gonna have to refund this. Nothing like I thought.

I still think there is great value in this, for MOST users. I was just expecting a lot more quality/differentiation on the visual presentation side of things.

The actual user experience was really nice for me. The backend UI is meticulously designed, and I love it! I just wish the actual annotation software offered the same.

I do think that users will also find value in the PDF annotation feature.

This is just not for me, but if you need to share snippets and screenshots often with others, this is a great option because it has a centralized way to snip, share, etc.

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Not a native desktop app.

The so-called desktop app is actually a wrapper! And it doesn't take screenshots.

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Great potential but still with few bugs and annoyances

It has potential to be a great capture + comment/annotate/collaborate tool, but to me there are still some bugs and annoyances that I want other people to be aware of.

1. If I go to "edit capture" to add a fancy background to it to share in social media (a feature that I love that is integrated in the app), then this image becomes the capture itself. I would love to have those two things separate: the capture itself where I can annotate and leave comments, and the capture with the fancy background to share in social media or blog post. Of course, it would be nice to have a button to make this edited image as the main capture, but it should be optional.
2. The annotate feature bugs a lot. A few times I have added a rectangle to my capture, and then when I come back to the capture the rectangle is not there. And then when I try to annotate the capture again, the app shows "no data" (I am working with Arc browser for Windows, I don't know if this is a browser specific issue).

1. The crazy big and ugly animation when things are loading appears everywhere. Actually, in my opinion, this specific thing make the whole app to feel much less refined.
2. The app is quite slow
3. The icon of the app disappears in my browser window. Three white arrows and one black one, really bad choice of colors.
4. Please remove the "Upgrade to pro" button on the header of the app.

I am still undecided if I should keep this tool or not.

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