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Turn your speech into well-written text

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This has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.
Waiting for the desk top version.

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One of the best purchases

This is one of those products that oozes quality all over. The mobile app is intuitive, stable, and works perfectly on my android phone. The most exciting feature for me is its ability to translate a foreign language speech to any other language. And, if the output isn't as desired, you can easily make minor tweaks to get it to work how you want it.
For example, I tested this functionality by speaking Hindi and it gave me the text in Urdu script, which makes sense since both languages have some vocabulary overlaps. To fix this, I changed the Rewrite settings to specify which language I was using for speech. That fixed it. Then, I decided I wanted the text translated on-the-fly and receive the output in English. Again, that was easy to tweak in the Rewite settings. The end result was: I was speaking in Hindi and getting the output note translated, on the fly, to English. I don't have a particular need to use these features currently, but still love the functionality and how well the feature works!

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I like this, but I’m not sure if I love it.

This is a great tool and I have used it for all sorts of reasons in testing. It’s done a solid job.

My only suggestions would be to increase the record time, allow for language selection for spellings (I’m based in the UK, and this gives me American spellings), and also allow me to add some of my own prompts to just help with general formatting.

Otherwise it does what it does, pretty well!

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Impressive app for daily workflows

I am incredibly impressed with this app. I use it daily and it makes many of my work steps easier.

Often, it is responses or thoughts that recur and whose formulation is complicated and cumbersome. Of course, you can also use ChatGPT, but the language recognition in this app is simply exemplary.

I have already tried several languages and am impressed with how clearly the language is recognized and with what perfection my letters and notes are translated into other languages.

I can only recommend this app 100% and it is definitely among my top 3 apps purchased here so far.

Overall, I have now equipped my entire family with the app so that they can also enjoy it.

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The software you didn’t know you needed!!

When I first purchased, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to use it. To be honest, I forgot I had put it on my phone.

One day I wanted to dictate something back to a client, and thought, “hey…I bought that app…let’s give it a shot”. With that being said, I’ve been using it everyday since!

I purchased it more for the “re-writing” / content capabilities, and am quickly realizing how incredible the transcription is overall. Now I have so many other use cases for it!

If you’re on the fence, definitely give it a shot! If it doesn’t seem as useful as you thought, play with all the capabilities before making a final decision. This is going to a really important tool for me and my business!

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I love it!

I love letterly.

I can start a recording directly from the lock screen on my iPhone. The app has replaced my dictation machine and my transcription software. What else would be great:

- a search function
- the option of assigning tags to the notes
- create folders so that I can categorize and sort my recordings and find them again at any time
- a web version so that all recorded content automatically appears on the web

The app has a lot of potential! Keep up the good work!

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Very good APP to take notes

The accuracy of the speach detection is very good. Even with background noise. I also like the possibility to rewrite translate. It is fun to use and has high potential.

I miss a possibility to create categories for the note I am about to take.
That should e a customizable tag, i.e. "todo", "idea", "private", "project A" etc. The viewer can use that for filtering so It does not display all notes in one view.

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The evolution of note-taking apps is here!

I discovered this app by chance and now I can't do without it!
I can write my notes much faster thanks to artificial intelligence and I can translate what I have dictated into any language I want in one tap.
Whether it's an email or a post on social media, writing becomes much easier with this app. I recommend it to all professionals!

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Nice app!

I am experiencing a minor issue with text editing on an Android mobile device. The text is not visible in the upper part of the screen, making it difficult to see what I am editing.

I am waiting for the web version as well, its pretty Essential and convenient.

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The Future of Note Taking is Right Here

I've been saving up for Junia, but then I discovered Laterly, and I just couldn't resist. This app is very useful. One major advantage is its ability to record very accurately. You can easily access the notes with just a touch of a button. The app also looks great on the lock screen and includes a handy widget.

You can record while the screen is off and even when you're offline. The app allows you to speak freely, and it organizes your notes in a style/tone of your choosing. You can then export these notes swiftly to an email, WhatsApp, or other apps you use.

Another benefit is that the app retains your writing style and tone when rewriting text. If you choose the casual rewrite option, it bypasses AI detectors most of the time. This is a significant advantage, as it ensures your text remains fine-tuned in your own voice with well-structured sentences and still appears as human-generated text.

You get a generous 15 minutes of recording time. If there's a video or audio playing in the background, the app can catch that as well, transcribing it into text format.

So why choose this instead of Junia? Because Letterly will streamline my blog creation process much better. It allows me to record my ideas on the go and turn them into ready-to-publish paragraphs for my blogs in a way no other app can.

Looking ahead, I'd like to see a desktop version for syncing with my laptop. I'm also hoping for custom commands and an expand feature that adds more depth to the notes. And, of course, a search feature and the ability to organize notes in folders.

All in all, this app deserves all five tacos. I would give it more if I could.

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Review summary: buy now!

Letterly is genuinely an incredible app. You honestly would be mad not to take advantage of this purchase.

It does exactly what it says it will do perfectly and for the first time in quite a while I feel like I've got a really genuine well polished product immediately out of the box.

Works absolutely beautifully on mobile phones and I trust and believe they're going to make this incredible wherever they choose to apply it.

The one feature I would love to see added would be the ability to train and create our own personal AI recipe that would consistently write our messages with a twist of me in each message I create

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Outstanding Piece of Art.

I think the power of this app really lies in its efficiency and ease of use. It makes content creation incredibly simple for me. All I need to do is talk into the phone, and I can reformat my words in a very professional manner.

This app streamlines the entire process of creating voice memos and rewriting them. Translating them into different languages also becomes super easy. It has become a tool that I use frequently, much more than I ever imagined. In fact, everything I've written for this review has been done using the app.

I am very happy to be an early supporter of this unlimited deal. I hope the app continues to succeed.

Just one question: in the future, if I want to switch the license to a new phone, is that possible, or will it be tied to my current device forever?

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