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Poor customer support

I tested this out for remote recording & clip editing.

I got the remote recording to work once, but after that anyone trying to enter the room just got a 'room is locked' message. I contacted customer service and got not reply for this query.

The video editor is pretty useless if you're wanting to edit anything in portrait style for shortform content for platforms like TikTok.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Excelent product and support

I have tested several similar tools and I am very happy with Libretto funtions.
I want also to thank the chat support they have in the app which solved me a couple of questions.
Great product and excelent support !!!

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Excellent Tool with Potential

This is an excellent tool to create a podcast, and to record or edit video/audio recordings. It allows editing of video or audio with a text based editor, as well as a normal timeline editor. It allows adding intros, and merging multiple video files. It allows adding sound effects. You can record directly from the application, or upload a recording. I purchased tier 2. I look forward to watching this application develop.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
very promising!

I own a podcast studio business and was looking for a remote podcast solution for my clients when they ask for it and this deal was perfect because as a small business owner every penny counts so I am tryna cut out as much subscriptions as possible

I wish we had unlimited time instead of 30 hours but still good for what it is I can see this platform growing if they keep at it and I hope they take care of us day one sumo buyers i went with the top tier at this time

I plan on pairing this with the elgato teleprompter for remote podcasting for our clients

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
I think it might be the SOFTWARE i was LOOKING FOR!!!

I just purchased the software after testing it with a free account for a couple of days. I think it has the potential to grow like Riverside and StreamYard. Let's talk in detail.

Recording: I think it would be great if you could add unlimited recording for lifetime users. Most of us are business owners, podcasters, and content creators, so having a limit on recording is a disadvantage. For example, I just started my podcast, so 30 hours a month is fine for now. However, as I grow, I will need more. It is compatible with almost everything, which is great.

Also, it would be beneficial to have an option to invite guests from the software. If I could click a button to send an invitation email to my guest automatically, that would be very useful.

Interface: I understand it's a new web app and you are working on features, but the interface for the recording side could use some adjustments. For instance, the buttons should automatically adjust according to the monitor size. When I tested it with my wide-angle camera, I couldn't see my head and had to zoom out. It's a bit disorganized, but I'm fine with it because I know it will improve, so I'm not complaining.

I think this software is for people looking for an alternative to Riverside, StreamYard, or Descript. They have the same or more features than this software, but their interfaces and designs are much better. However, if you are looking for a software JUST for recording podcasts locally with remote guests, this is good. Don't worry about the design or interface because it can be improved later on. I believe the developers are working on the issues I mentioned. For now, I'll stick to this software. If I need more recording time, I'll just ask the developers to add it.

Oh, and please create a community. I would love to connect with other users and maybe interview the developers who made this.

Amazing product, 7/10.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Podcast recording and editing software

Web based tool that for reliable and high-quality podcast recording and simple editing.

I like it.

Jun 18, 2024
Michael Yitayew
Michael Yitayew
Purchased from: AppSumo.com