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Versatile tool with continued development

Have purchased highest Tier (1000 Monitors) months ago to get all future monitor solutions under development. This was a good idea, because the tool grows about every 10 days by small or big improvements ... and completely new functions. There is a well documented changelog (see roadmap) and tips within the backend to be able to test out new capabilities in a timely manner as well.

The scope goes far beyond the usual uptime monitor, and some things require a bit of testing to understand how to use them in a meaningful way. But learning effort is a good thing - shows that the developers have thought about different usage scenarios and are trying to implement them.

If the tool ever returns to Appsumo, it is definitely a recommended purchase.

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One of a kind multi-tool - not uptime only...

MonSpark is one of a kind multi-tool - not just uptime...

I think that many people could pass this offer indifferently, thinking that it is just another website uptime monitoring tool like Better Uptime or gazillion marketplace apps, builds on popular and quite cheap php script which can be installed and operated by virtually anyone without any technical knowledge (I'm not mentioning the name to avoid advertising it).

In MonSpark you can monitor many other aspects of websites - for example, only a single text on a given page - it could be the price of the product you want to follow or anything else.
There are a lot of functions here, and I must admit that I do not know any other tool on the market with such wide possibilities.

P.S. One feature request - MonSpark Chrome extension will be very helpful, especially for instantly setting up text monitoring, without having to run the entire application

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Great tool with compelling ambitions

I've used quite a few and have quite a few monitoring tools, one previously from Appsumo. The reason I have invested in Tier 5 is what this tool already does well from the get go topped by a very ambitious roadmap. I feel that even if they deliver on only 60% of what they discuss, it will be well worth the journey.

The interface is nice and fresh, easy to follow for the basics and a bit of digging reveals some interesting options. I like the simplicity of the UX (and UI) for basic functions and the more complex functions UX/UI seem OK at the moment.

I'm really hoping that this will become a SaaS version of New Relic with plugins to monitor basic health points of both server, site & CMS elements of our systems. This would be amazing.

What I feel is missing and really needed is a WP plugin to feed into the above approach at a basic level and maybe even provide security settings a bit like Bulletproof security to contain changes (as an option) as well as monitoring them.

At the moment this is exciting, glad to be along for the ride :)

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We Switched from BetterUptime

We bought a Tier-5 license for our software agency in Canada and after trying it out for a few days we are dropping BetterUptime which will save us thousands of $ each year. It does everything we want and the text monitors will be extremely useful for our clients. We have hundreds of domains that we manage and host and we were initially worried that we would not be able to import them easily, but it turned out to be a matter of cut and paste and could be done in one shot. We are excited about the roadmap and we wish the team behind MonSpark all the best during their demo day.
Thanks to AppSumo for bringing such a premium product to Sumo-lings.

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absolutely perfect

I can unreservedly recommend monspark. Clear app, many functions and high-performance. However, the German translation still needs to be improved ;o) {I'm happy to help if you're interested}

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Great way to keep eyes on hosting servers, etc.

grabbed this LTD a few weeks ago and went with Tier 1 to check things out. Now I'm looking to upgrade to Tier 3 (Pro Level) for more Monitors, SMS and some other nice-to-haves!

Gotta say, I do like the UX of the app and it is very customizable, especially the Status Pages - can brand them to your agencies colors, etc.

I am currently using UpTimeRobot (FREE) and had the paid tier back in early 2021. But now having MonSpark LTD with 1min intervals is nice again and helps me "Tier Up" my hosting and care plans to increase MRR.

Email Notifications, Slack are easy to setup are immediate. Having a little trouble using webhook to Make/integromat but will continue to work on that so I can integrate with whatever I want.

Had to set the whitelisted IP on Cloudflare since I do block some visits from outside of the US and the Uptime Monitor currently is only using Europe, but once I made the global changes on CF all is good.

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Love this tool

I've been using MonSpark for a few months now and I'm really impressed with how reliable it is. The app does exactly what it says it does - it monitors my website and sends me an email notification as soon as it goes offline. This has saved me a lot of time and stress, as I no longer have to constantly check my website to make sure it's still running smoothly. The emails are also very timely and easy to understand. Overall, MonSpark is a great tool for anyone who needs to keep a close eye on their website's uptime.

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That is Nice

A wonderful application that supports multiple languages, including Arabic and English
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Perfect Monitoring with Screenshot

We have been looking for a monitoring software with screenshot function for a long time. The problem with many Wordpress sites is that there can be a layout shift after an automatic update of one or more plugins. Especially if you work with cache systems. The tool here works great and lets us know directly if something like this happens again. So we don't have to check hundreds of websites manually anymore and it saves us a lot of time.

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Promising app. Could be a gem

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Surprised by the tool

I accidentally bumped into MonSpark because I didn't know it.
I am extremely pleased with all the features available and looking forward to what is to come.
I was really surprised by the reliability of the checks, such as uptime, I was able to identify several failures in my hosting with the warnings I receive on Discord when the sites go offline

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Great monitoring selection

I'd already got the Better Uptime lifetime deal, but still went for this one. I'm glad I did, because it gives a great/wide selection of monitors - from the basic uptime to watching for text, DNS, visual changes and dips in performance such as SEO and SSL expiry etc. The visual appearance of the dashboard also makes it really easy to see that everything is working as expected.

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