New Dialogue

New Dialogue

Elevate your workplace with a private AI assistant

New Dialogue is an open-source GPT designed to work for you

About New Dialogue

Introducing New Dialogue - the revolutionary AI assistant that's here to transform the way your team works. Imagine having a knowledgeable, contextual AI at your fingertips, ready to help you tackle any task or query with ease. New Dialogue is an open-source, ChatGPT-inspired service that's been designed to deeply understand your company's unique content and knowledge. It's like having a subject matter expert on your team, always available to chat, search, and automate your workflows. Whether you're looking to enhance your customer support, streamline your internal processes, or simply tap into your organization's collective wisdom, New Dialogue has you covered. With its seamless integration capabilities and intuitive interface, this AI assistant is poised to elevate your workplace and empower your team like never before.

  • Publishing Content

    Drag and drop documents to publish content to New Dialogue AI for conversational access.

  • Conversational AI

    Enter prompts to chat with your published content and get contextual responses.

  • Action Tools

    Use Regen, Save, and Clear tools to refine and manage your conversational prompts.

  • Saved Items

    Save favorite prompt results and automate sharing them with other users.

  • External AI Chat App

    Embed the New Dialogue AI chat into your website, intranet, or extranet.

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Platforms supported

  • iOS
  • Android

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