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About Noysi

Noysi is an intelligent communication platform that brings together all the tools your business needs to increase efficiency and productivity. Designed for teams and communities, Noysi offers secure and encrypted messaging, unlimited cloud storage, video conferencing with desktop sharing, and powerful task management capabilities - all in one centralized hub. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Noysi is the communication solution that can scale with your needs. With its robust security features and cost-saving benefits, Noysi empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly, share information securely, and stay organized - all while reducing the complexity and expense of managing multiple communication tools. Noysi's intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set make it the ideal choice for businesses and communities of all sizes. By unifying your team's communication and workflow in a single platform, Noysi helps you streamline processes, improve transparency, and drive better outcomes for your organization.

  • Secure & Encrypted Messaging

    Noysi provides secure and encrypted messaging to protect your team's communications.

  • Unlimited File Storage

    Noysi offers unlimited cloud storage to store and share files with your team.

  • Video Conference + Desktop Sharing

    Noysi includes video conferencing and desktop sharing capabilities to facilitate remote collaboration.

  • Task Management

    Noysi provides a built-in task manager to help your team stay organized and on track.

  • Scalability and Cost Savings

    Noysi is a SaaS product that offers scalability and cost savings for large companies.

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5 reviews
Amazing value

I've used noysi fkr the past 18months and my team and I dmuse it for all intern communications. It's amazing. Highly recommend!

Jul 7, 2024
Balazs Danku
Balazs Danku
Purchased from:
Excelent tool for comunications

I used it now for over a year and I am surprised at the level of response I get from developers.

Jul 7, 2024
Rodolfo Carpintier
Rodolfo Carpintier
Purchased from:
The complete way to your business organizzation

a complete tool, you only discover the true potential by using it. I am very happy. I advise.

Jul 7, 2024
Alessio Ferrente
Alessio Ferrente
Purchased from:
Collaboration on Steroids

Listen up, hustlers! If you're not using Noysi, you're leaving money on the table. Period.
I've seen teams waste hours on BS communication tools. Noysi? It's a f*cking game-changer.
Here's the deal:

Speed: This thing is faster than your excuses. Messages pop up instantly. No more "sorry, didn't see that" bullsh*t.
Task Management: It's like having a personal assistant that never sleeps. Create tasks right in your chat. Boom. Done.
File Sharing: Forget email attachments. Noysi keeps everything organized. You'll find that crucial doc faster than you can say "where the hell is it?"
Video Calls: Crystal clear, no lag. It's like being in the same room, minus the awkward body odor.
Interface: Clean AF. You won't need a PhD to figure this out.

But here's the kicker - the support team actually gives a damn. Mind-blowing, right?
Look, I don't sugarcoat things. Noysi isn't just good, it's a necessity. Your competition is probably already using it.
At this AppSumo price? It's highway robbery. You're basically printing money.
Don't be an idiot. Grab this deal now.
Your future self will thank me. Your team will worship you. And your business? It's about to go supernova.
Stop reading and start buying. Noysi. Now. Let's f*cking go!

Jul 5, 2024
Your ERP
Your ERP
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Best Slack Alternative

Noysi is a game-changer in team collaboration and project management, designed to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. With over 111,000 active users and 27,000 active companies, Noysi integrates all essential tools into one intuitive platform.

Unified Experience

No more switching between apps. Noysi consolidates encrypted messaging, file storage, video conferencing, and task management, boosting productivity by up to 42%.

Seamless Integrations

Noysi supports integrations with GitHub, Trello, Jira, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more. Its API offers limitless custom integration possibilities, making it a versatile hub for any organization.

Easy Setup and Customization

Set up your customized platform in just five minutes, no programming required. Noysi’s branding options allow companies to create a unique, cohesive workspace effortlessly.

Robust and Scalable

Designed for efficiency and scalability, Noysi supports tens of thousands of concurrent users with server costs up to 80% lower than competitors.

Top-Notch Security

With encrypted messaging and compliance with European data regulations, Noysi ensures your data is secure, allowing you to focus on growth.

Jul 5, 2024
Noysi Business
Noysi Business
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