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Podgagement helps you engage your audience and grow your podcast!

About Podgagement

Podgagement is a powerful tool that helps podcasters like you engage your audience and grow your show. With Podgagement, you can easily create custom landing pages to boost your follower count and collect more reviews from your listeners. The platform automatically tracks your podcast's ratings and reviews across all the major platforms, so you never miss a new comment or feedback. You can even collect voice messages and written feedback directly from your audience, making it a breeze to get the insights you need to improve your show. But Podgagement is more than just a review tracker - it also helps you discover new networking opportunities. The platform identifies other podcasts that recommend yours or that you could potentially collaborate with, giving you a direct line to grow your audience and reach new listeners.

  • Multiple platforms

    Connect with Apple Podcasts / iTunes, Podchaser, Castbox, and more coming soon.

  • All your podcasts

    Track all your own podcasts and add others for competitive insights.

  • Outgoing networking

    Track what podcasts are recommended on your own podcast listing.

  • Incoming networking

    Monitor your position in recommendations from other podcast listings.

  • Image Maker

    Create beautiful images to promote your podcast or share your favorite reviews.

  • Audience feedback

    Collect written and recorded feedback from your audience.

  • Direct reviews

    Collect reviews directly from your audience through your LovethePodcast.com page.

  • All ratings

    See the spread of your ratings (1 to 5 stars), even if they don't include reviews!

  • All reviews

    Easily see all your podcast reviews with no limits, even if you have more than 500!

  • All countries

    See where in the world your podcast reviews are coming from.

  • Multiple checks every day

    Automatically check for new reviews every few hours so you'll have your latest reviews.

  • LovethePodcast.com page

    A smart, easy, shareable page to get more podcast ratings and reviews!

  • FollowthePodcast.com page

    A smart, easy, shareable page to grow your podcast audience!

  • Shareable reviews

    Share any individual review, which includes links to subscribe, rate, and review.

  • Fast email alerts

    Get your latest reviews emailed to you as soon as we find them, daily, or weekly.

  • Slack alerts

    Get your latest reviews sent to your Slack channels or private messages.

  • Aggregate RSS feed

    Subscribe to your own private RSS feed for all your reviews from everywhere.

  • Copy and paste

    Easily copy and paste your reviews anywhere you want.

  • Tagging

    Categorize your reviews with one or more tags.

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