Effortless Infographic Translation

Forget time-consuming editing. Our infographic translator delivers: Text Removal & Replacement, 200+ Languages, Human, Machine or Your Own Translation.

About redaka

Redaka is a revolutionary infographic translation tool that empowers businesses and individuals to effortlessly translate their visual content across multiple languages. Gone are the days of time-consuming, manual editing - Redaka's intuitive platform handles all the heavy lifting, from text removal and replacement to seamless language conversions. Whether you need to translate a simple chart or a complex infographic, Redaka's three translation options - machine translation, professional human translators, or custom text input - ensure your visuals maintain their impact and clarity in any language. With Redaka, you can confidently share your message with a global audience, saving valuable time and resources in the process. Unlock the power of multilingual infographics and elevate your brand's reach with Redaka. Redaka is designed for businesses and individuals who need to quickly and accurately translate their visual content for international audiences. Our platform caters to a wide range of industries, from marketing and advertising to education and non-profit organizations, providing a hassle-free solution for effortless infographic translation. At the heart of Redaka is a commitment to empowering our users to communicate effectively across language barriers. By offering a range of translation options, we ensure that your infographics maintain their original impact and clarity, no matter the target audience. Whether you choose our machine translation, professional human translators, or add your own custom text, Redaka streamlines the entire process, saving you time and resources.

  • Text Removal & Replacement

    The product can automatically remove the original text from infographic designs and replace it with new translated text.

  • All Languages

    The product supports over 200 languages with machine translation and around 50 languages with professional human translators.

  • 3 Translation Options

    Users can choose between machine translation, professional human translators, or add their own replacement text.

  • Easy To Use

    The product is super simple to use so users don't need any graphic design skills.

  • Super Fast

    The product instantly removes the original text from the design, saving users time and hassle.

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