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Was great before May update, now awful.

What has irked me is the change to the Enhance AI part of the plan. You had one setting in the Creator Plan that produced a warm and resonant tone in the audio.

They've since "improved" the plan to have four Enhance AI settings:
High and crisp, Low and crisp (now included in the creator plan which was their AppSumo offering), and also High and Warm, and Low and Warm.

Crisp included, warm taken away. And in audio, warm is good as crisp can be tinny and tunnel like. Now you have to upgrade to use warm when it was the default.

If they wanted to limit AppSumo users to two out of the new four EnhanceAI plans, they could... I guess, but why not let the users decide which of the four options they wanted? Seems to me, they wanted to bork the quality and force an upgrade.

I contacted the CEO, but it seemed like they couldn't help much besides mentioning some slider controls that weren't very helpful. The exported audio had clipping that was not in the previous version of Resound. The pre-May version was great. The newest version is absolutely terrible, and the push to upgrade to the previously offered warmer tone seems like a blatant marketing tactic. An update to address this was promised/suggested in the first week of July. Nothing.

The editor has been improved, but there are still some strange results, so you have to check the audio results manually. I've just started using Auphonic and Audacity again. Disappointing.

If Resound allows users on the creator plan to choose warm tones or confirm their preferred tones, there could be a chance for improvement.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
My Take on Resound - A mix bag of experience

One, I think it is not fit for Hindi language podcasts. It recognised some words being spoken as suggested removable sounds on a consistent basis. So, i assume it cant recognize them as proper hindi words. In fact, they were proper hindi words. I cant say that this app is completely useless for hindi podcasters, but i hope it will get better down the line.

Two, Enahance audio feature seems really good. (Felt like cherry on the cake) It could remove vehicle sounds from nearby traffic, Room's AC humming sound. However, it can do even better if it can remove click sounds, muffles and ruffles nearby. Even if it identifies them as suggested removable sounds, we can review it and choose to keep or delete.

Three, Coudn't see any option to remove some portion of the clip manually. There were long silences in the audio which I was editing and wanted to remove those parts, but cud not see any option to remove the portion i did not want. And the algorithm could not recognise the long silences or gaps, where some silences were almost 2 seconds or more.

Four, the method to play relevant part where suggested removable part is there, seemed very innovative. However, give us key board shortcuts to play, keep or delete. As these three things are going to be used almost all the time while using this app. So, if you provide three shortcuts to users, i think it will cover 80% of their usage in the app.

Five, Couldn't edit the file name after it is imported in the editor studio.

Six, Export happens in Zip file, Why? Why it can't be just mp3/aac/wav directly

Seven, I think it doesnt have any option to create a folder structure to arrange files. However, it can be ignored if you are given only 15 days of file storage

Suggestions - The data should be trainable. We should be able to feed some portion of the clip to train the model to recognise them as removable sounds. Based on the feed, it should recognise similar sounds in the audio. This should be easy to incorporate in the code, i think.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
An Incredible Time-Saver

I bought this months ago and I am never going back. I am so glad I bought the highest-tier as well, as I now am able to edit batches of Podcast audio in what feels like half the time. For anyone else who has been editing Podcasts and practically memorized the waveform for what an "umm" or clicking sound looks like in order to wipe it out of the podcast for easier listening, this is certainly for you!
One obvious downside that is impossible to navigate though; should you have more than a 1-person podcast/form of audio, know that you'll need to preview the audio where voices overlap on top of each other, as the programming can't separate a joined audio file. And putting in all audio channels doesn't seem to be as fluid a transition as someone as hyper-focused on quality such as myself would prefer.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com

I used to hate editing the episodes for my podcast using Audacity, because it would take forever to listen through the entire thing to identify the filler words and delete them. This made it a breeze! I was able to visually see them and quickly review and edit the most recent episode. Highly recommend! This is definitely one of better purchases I've made on Appsumo!

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Great audio tool

This tool is awesome and saves me a ton of time in removing silences and filler words. I can't wait till they add the ability to set the auto silence threshold duration so that I can remove silences even faster. This was a great buy for me

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Quality has dropped

Well, the Resound app is probably one of the best purchases I made on Appsumo... but only until May of this year. Here's the story.

I bought Tier-3 when they were here last year, and I couldn't be happier. For my use case, which involves enhancing and removing filler sounds from webinars that can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours, Resound gives a magnificent output. I always recommend this app to my network, calling it an excellent tool for enhancing video and sound.

However, something happened in May when they made an upgrade. Initially, I thought it was fine because that's how a tool can remain sustainable. The sad part is that they removed a feature from us sumolings: There used to be one AI filter (and it was so WARM) but by May, it increased to four, with two only available for subscription-based users.

If this was a new feature, I wouldn’t mind. The problem is they took away something users previously enjoyed. Since May, the quality of the enhanced sound has diminished, and it’s noticeable to my audience. I can tell from the output which lost its "warmness".

It’s very disappointing because, as a believer from the initial campaign, it feels like something is being taken away from you. While this remains a good tool, be careful because the quality has dropped since the initial purchase.

I hope this is just an isolated case due to my strict sound expectation.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Don't count on this for Video Exports

While the audio quality is great, don't count on it for a video export. It took almost 5 hours to export a 1 hour video and the quality is so bad that it is unusable. Don't get me wrong the audio export is amazing, but the video is not ready for primetime.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Bummed about the AI Filters...

The only AI filter I liked (High/Warm) is one of the 2 not included in the LTD plans. The crisp ones don't sound good imo (like you're talking down a tunnel), and the slider options didn't seem to do anything at all so all I'd really use this for is um and ah removal (which is nice, I really like that feature). I would consider a roadmap purchase but since all the plans say Filler Sound Detection V 1.0.0, I'm not sure what, if any, new features we would have access to. Pretty bummed. Might refund.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Superb! Cuts out boring editing time

I'm still experimenting, but I have to say my first attempts at deliberately adding in errs and umms and silences, then running the video through the software, was a total success with Resound. The removal was very accurate, fast and makes for some greatly enhanced sound tracks. Nice easy interface too. This tool is the bees knees! Thanks so much

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Perfected some audio I had a small business owner read into his iphone while he had time to kill before a job in his truck.

Small business owner friend of mine wanted to make an ad for facebook and his website. He had some basic slide show. Whipped it up into a video and had him narrate it (thanks Chat GPT for popping out a perfect script) and in 3 takes he had a great one.

Ran the audio through Resound and it made our result seem very professional. He was amazed how quickly we were able to harness some of his down time and improve his ad. The ad worked and one of the customers commented how professional everything seemed compared to other small operations in our area in his profession.

I wish Resound could also fix the audio of video files. Hopefully they will add that feature.

If you need this sort of thing. Get it. You'll get great results!

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
One of my beast deals in Appsumo

If you have a podcast, or youtube channel.

It will save a lot of time.

Sometimes I have classes, but I need to cut some silences in the video, and with Resound it happend easy.

And the sound becomes much better.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Simple and easy podcast editor!

I've edited 4 or 5 full podcasts in Resound and it fits my needs perfectly. The audio enhancer works great and it's really easy to edit out sections for silences and filler words. The only downside is that their cut all filler sounds and silences feature doesn't catch all of them, so I do have to do a good amount of manual work. But when it catches them, they're usually edited perfectly.

It's not perfect but it's definitely worth the price for the lifetime deal even if they don't end up making improvements, but I'm sure they will.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com