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About SessionLab

Designing engaging workshops and meetings can be a real headache. Juggling spreadsheets, managing timing, and keeping everyone on the same page - it's enough to make your head spin. That's where SessionLab comes in. SessionLab is a powerful workshop planning tool that takes the busywork out of workshop design. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly build out your agenda, automatically adjust timing as you make changes, and collaborate with your team in real-time. No more fumbling with columns and rows - just focus on creating an amazing experience for your participants. Whether you're an experienced facilitator or just starting out, SessionLab has your back. With a library of over 1,000 tried-and-tested workshop activities and templates, you can easily find the perfect methods to engage your group and achieve your session goals. And when it's time to share your plan, SessionLab makes it easy to create beautiful, professional-looking printouts that will impress your clients. SessionLab is trusted by facilitators, trainers, and teams around the world who want to design more effective workshops and meetings. With its powerful features and flexible workflow, SessionLab is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to spend less time on logistics and more time being creative.

  • Drag & Drop Agenda Builder

    Drag, drop and reorder blocks to design your workshop agenda in minutes. Start with a general outline, then add details and instructions to flesh out your session.

  • Automatic Timing Calculations

    SessionLab automatically calculates your schedule and updates your timing as you create your agenda. No more manual time calculations.

  • Locking Times

    Stay in control of time by locking in anything with a set-time. Easily identify any overlaps and see where you need to adjust or cut content.

  • Complex Agenda Management

    Add extra days to your agenda with a single click. Easily set-up breakout rooms and assign co-facilitators to specific blocks.

  • Collaborative Agenda Planning

    Invite your co-facilitators and clients to co-create your agenda in real-time. Assign collaborators to specific blocks and stay in control with editor and viewer controls.

  • Simple Overview

    Use the session overview to see a simple, easy-to-understand view of your entire agenda. Add color categorization to visualize your learning flow.

  • Organize Materials & Links

    Attach materials, attachments and links to your blocks so you have everything you need to facilitate with confidence.

  • Agenda Sharing & Exporting

    Share your perfectly-timed agenda in a format that works for you. Export to Word, PDF or invite to view your agenda online.

  • Reuse & Adapt Sessions

    Save time and effort by reusing and adapting your best agendas. Share templates and activities in a team library.

  • AI-Assisted Activity Creation

    Use SessionLab's AI-assisted block creation tool to quickly add new workshop activities to your agenda.

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