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Sessions is a comprehensive online meeting and webinar platform designed to revolutionize virtual interactions. With a focus on enhancing engagement and efficiency, Sessions offers a wide array of features such as Ultra HD Video and Audio, Interactive Agendas, AI Copilot, Workspaces, Event Management, Bookings and Scheduling, Memory and Analytics, and Privacy and Security. The platform aims to address the challenges of hosting professional online events by providing tools for creating interactive agendas, managing bookings, and ensuring data privacy. Sessions was born out of a vision to create a seamless and organized experience for hosting virtual meetings, recognized as a Product of the Year by Product Hunt and a High Performer by G2. The platform caters to professionals across various industries, including sales, marketing, and customer success, offering a one-stop solution for hosting successful online events.

  • Ultra HD Video and Audio

    Sessions offers Ultra HD video and audio quality for top-notch video conferencing experiences.

  • Tools and Integrations

    Users can embed their favorite tools and apps into their meetings for real-time collaboration.

  • Interactive Agendas

    Create interactive agendas, save them as templates, and easily share them with your team for efficient meeting planning.

  • AI Copilot

    Sessions provides an AI Copilot feature to help users create, launch, and manage professional webinars quickly and effectively.

  • Workspaces

    Workspaces feature is coming soon, allowing users to use Sessions across multiple businesses with custom branding and collaborative capabilities.

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re - custom domains

\Been working so far so good. Only issue is that there is no customer domain limits that was listed in this deal, and now there is domain limits depending on level purchase. Would have been nice to know this.\

If you mean custom domains, I think that was still to be decided at the time they were on here as it was a feature still to be built but I do think they were saying/hinting at limits. For the top tier 5, for both paid and ltd holders, I believe it is 5 custom domains.

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Domain limits after purchase

Been working so far so good. Only issue is that there is no customer domain limits that was listed in this deal, and now there is domain limits depending on level purchase. Would have been nice to know this.

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Unfortunately, as great as Sessions looks, it's simply unreliable. I have experienced way too many times where a client or guest tries to come onto my Sessions call and although they are connected, you cannot see them on screen or them... they can hear you and see you but that's simply not the point of a video meeting. This has happened with multiple clients on multiple days in multiples different Sessions "rooms". The only answer I have found is to give them my old Zoom link and everything works great.

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Excellent Zoom Alternative

Really good product,
A few minor bugs. But overall a great experience.

The only issue I have is that the response time is really slow when I have messaged them they usually take a few days (on occasions I haven't received any reply).

But like I said, overall a very very good platform.

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Best Of The Best Sessions

Dear Sessions Team . you are doing great job. I just Purchases Tir 5. I will recommend for everyone to get . it is last hour. I believe you 100% . Sessions will rise like son shine. it will break every record. best of luck.

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almost, but not ready yet

I wanted Sessions to replace Calendly, Zoom, and Livewebinar, but they're not there yet. At least for the technology I use.

The UI is excellent, intuitive, and user-friendly.

1) to replace it with my Calendly pro, "Book me" forms MUST have phone numbers (maybe for future SMS reminders or other reasons). For me, it's a mandatory field. Like with Calendly, the international location flag is auto-detected and changeable (if someone is booking from country X and his or her phone number is from country Y).

2) on Calendly, there is an option to reschedule meetings from the meeting itself. I can’t find that on Sessions.
Example of text and links that Calendly is adding inside a meeting note:

Cancellation Policy: text for cancelation policy

Need to make changes to this event?

3) "Book me" page is not aligned with the first day of the week. Mine is Sunday. But the booking page link showing Monday.

4) Outlook add-on is a MUST! I would like to invite people to Sessions as I do with Zoom, Teams, and Meet via Outlook desktop or web.

5) Pabbley Connect - I didn’t find the option to create a webinar participant when using a registration form on my website. I'm getting participant details via webhook to Pabbley and want to update details on several platforms, including creating a new participant.

7) There are many permissions on Office 365. I don't want to upload all contacts.

That's what I found after several hours of using (full stack) of things I believe need immediate fixing and improvements!

I hope to get a support reply with a time frame for fixing it, or I'll probably get a refund.

An email reply from support says they will reply in 48 hours.

They promised chat support, but I can't find it!

I haven't tried it yet.
I see many people complaining about quality.

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no Support for long Time

We Buy this Product & Try to Active for Last one Month but unfortunately no Response That why refund your this Gift to you

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Awesome Meeting Co-Pilot

This meeting is so organized that it takes away lots of the preparations. You can have interactive agenda to do the work for you! Set up a permanent room and receive email reminders. It's like having a personal meeting assistant. To see my review/demo:

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Amazing product.

Amazing product.

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Great promise .. but not there yet

I originally bought Tier 3, but yesterday upgraded to Tier 5. If they can sort out the problems, this really is a superb product.

But it is a bit buggy right now. For example, when doing an agenda, it missed out some numbers (skipped from 12 to 14 for example). There was another time I couldn't change the agenda at all. And then there's the memory (just call it "recordings") and backstage system. It seemed to get really confused and recorded 12 hours of rubbish and I completely lost the recording that I wanted. And when I was on tier 3 it seemed to stop me from launching my 6 available events (webinars).

Now you can accept these issues at times and upgrading shows that I believe it'll get there.

But the start point has to be support: it's abysmal. I've send mail upon mail about some issues - particularly the issue with being unable to launch webinars that were within my quota. And I sometimes get a reply. And I sometimes don't get anything at all.

The biggest problem right now is support. Dev, I'm sure, are doing what they can, but support is where Sessions need to be putting their efforts.

I'm giving it a 4*. Really, with the support as it is, it should be 3*, but I can't justify that for a product that will become so important to me. I do believe it'll get there. Don't prove me wrong Sessions!

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Assessment of the Merits of the Highly Rated Sessions Video Conferencing Solution

Recently acquired a Tier-5 license, intrigued by the potential to find a worthy alternative to Zoom. My decision was heavily influenced by the numerous positive 5-star reviews that suggested Sessions as a game-changing solution in the realm of web conferencing. These reviews painted a picture of an advanced platform that could possibly challenge the dominance of established players like Zoom in the market. With expectations set high, I embarked on a comprehensive testing of Sessions to evaluate its capabilities and performance. Innovative User Interface and Features: The intuitive user interface of Sessions, along with features like seamless screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, and real-time document collaboration, is highly impressive. These functionalities offer a dynamic and engaging environment, which is crucial in a modern web meeting tool. Video and Audio Quality Concerns: Despite the promising features, the app significantly lacks in its core functionality—video and audio quality.During a test event, I experienced considerable difficulties with audio setup and displaying ppt. The video recordings suffered from low frame rate, resulting in laggy and choppy playback, which is a substantial barrier to the app's usability. Market Potential vs. Shortcomings: While the app has the potential to rival established platforms like Zoom, especially given the high number of positive reviews, its current shortcomings in video and audio quality are major hindrances. The app's success in the competitive market of web conferencing tools hinges on its ability to offer high-quality video and audio, a benchmark set by platforms like Zoom. Prioritize Core Functionality: It's imperative that Sessions prioritizes the improvement of its audio and video quality over adding new features. The focus should be on providing a top-notch audio/video experience, which is a fundamental expectation from any video conferencing tool.The development team must address these issues with urgency. The market for web conferencing tools is fast-paced, and users are likely to revert to more reliable platforms like Zoom if these critical issues are not resolved promptly. Re-evaluation of User Reviews: The discrepancy between the high number of positive reviews and the actual user experience suggests a need for a more thorough evaluation. This might involve getting more comprehensive feedback from a diverse user base, potentially contrasting it with experiences on other platforms. Sessions, while innovative and user-friendly, currently falls short in delivering the essential quality expected from a video conferencing solution. Without immediate and focused action on enhancing video and audio capabilities, Sessions risks being overshadowed by more reliable platforms like Zoom.Additionally, it may be beneficial to maintain a cautious approach towards the app's reviews and monitor upcoming updates to evaluate its progress

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Sehr zufrieden

Super Alternative zu Zoom.

Es brauchte etwas, um die Bedienung zu verstehen. Und es ist nicht immer stabil in der Internet Erfindung.

Für meine Zwecke ist es perfekt.

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