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About Voilà

Voilà is a revolutionary AI-powered browser assistant that's here to transform the way you work. Imagine having a virtual sidekick that can tackle any task, from crafting captivating content to answering your burning questions - all with the speed and precision of a seasoned professional. Whether you're a busy professional juggling a never-ending inbox, a marketer seeking to create impactful campaigns, or a writer struggling to find the right words, Voilà is your ultimate productivity partner. With a simple keyboard shortcut, this AI-powered wonder can spring into action, replying to emails, summarizing lengthy documents, translating text, and even generating ideas for your next blog post. But Voilà is more than just a tireless assistant - it's a gateway to a world of possibilities. Equipped with the power of ChatGPT, this tool can dive deep into any topic, extracting key insights and helping you make informed, data-driven decisions. Gone are the days of endless research and information overload; Voilà puts the knowledge you need right at your fingertips, empowering you to work smarter, not harder. The beauty of Voilà lies in its seamless integration with your existing workflows. Whether you're browsing the web, drafting a document, or scrolling through social media, Voilà is always there, ready to lend a helping hand. It's the ultimate productivity sidekick, tailored to the needs of modern professionals who demand efficiency, creativity, and a touch of magic in their workday.

  • Use ChatGPT on any website

    Voilà brings the power of ChatGPT AI to your fingertips, allowing you to use it on any website you visit.

  • Library of expert, battle-tested prompts

    Voilà provides a library of expert-curated prompts to help you write a wide range of long-form content.

  • Convert web pages into any content

    Easily convert web page content into various formats like blog posts, summaries, and more.

  • Research with web access

    Dive deep into any topic with comprehensive, relevant information from across the web.

  • Works in any language

    Voilà can assist you in any language, providing instant answers, content creation, and more.

  • Improve your writing

    Voilà helps you improve your writing, fix spelling and grammar, translate text, and summarize or extract key information.

  • Supercharge your browser

    Voilà streamlines your browser experience with convenient shortcuts for common actions, making your tasks faster and easier.

  • Get instant answers to any question

    Voilà can provide instant answers to any question or topic, looking up information and explaining concepts on demand.

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What everyone's saying

272 reviews
Incredibly useful till now..

Voilà has become an essential part of my daily routine over the past eight months. It helps me efficiently complete various online tasks such as writing posts, repetitive content, coding, enhancing paragraphs, and seeking answers accurately. The availability of a mobile app (web view) enables me to utilize its benefits even when away from my computer.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
AMAZING! One of my best purchases on appsumo!

This is by far, one of the best purchases I've ever made on appsumo!

I use this on a daily basis for so many things and I can't speak more highly of it! I absolutely love it! I have got various other AI tools that are similar but they have now mostly been relegated to shelfware!

This is also quickly replacing having to go to search engines also, but not quite yet, sometimes you can't escape having to search.

The only thing missing from it is an AI checker.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com

I can use the same login for my work computer, home computer and on my mobile! ITS FANTASTIC!!
Would love to see the next level of Voila! Bring in image AL or reading website/pdf and summarizing for study notes etc!

Purchased from: AppSumo.com

It's definitely one of my all-time favorite tools and plugins! I rely on it daily to complete tasks and carry out a wide range of research. I'm truly hoping for an impressive MRR, as I am fully committed to aggressively marketing this tool!

It is truly flawless!

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Best AI tool for daily use.

I use Voila daily with my team, and this tool has significantly enhanced my use of AI for copywriting and research. As a result, my productivity has greatly increased.

May 21, 2024
Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Voilà - an absolute allround helper

Got introduced to this great solution through AppSumo and I’m using it daily, for brainstorming, better writing through changing tones, comparisons and ideas!

May 21, 2024
Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Use ChatGPT on any website

This is an excellent AI assistant that helps you increase your productivity. From creating replies to emails to social media copy, or summarizing content, Voila can help you with that. You can also create templates and reuse prompts for tasks you work on regularly.

May 21, 2024
Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Great tool

It is one of my best investments on AppSumo. At first the tool was developing slowly, but it is very good now. A desktop app has finally been launched. The content generated by the app works great for me, and the software is constantly improving.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Great tool for everyday use

It's the best personal assistant with AI that has ever appeared on AppSumo. Great integration with the browser, lots of features and constantly evolving. It's a tool I use practically every day and it's never let me down.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Amazing and FAST ChatGpt interface

I love Voilà, and it is steadily and quietly improving all the time. It is a fantastic and organized way to interact with ChatGPT that makes of this famous chatbox a virtual assistant integrated int he browser, the place where we spend most of our working time.

They are adding new and useful features all the time.

Apr 22, 2024
Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Tu Asistente de Respuestas Rápidas y Confiables 🌟

Voilà es una asistente excepcional que brinda respuestas precisas y útiles en tiempo récord. Su capacidad para acceder a información actualizada y ofrecer asistencia personalizada es impresionante. Además, su enfoque en la claridad y la eficiencia garantiza una experiencia satisfactoria para los usuarios. Voilà es sin duda una herramienta invaluable para obtener respuestas rápidas y fiables. ¡Altamente recomendada! 👍

Apr 21, 2024
Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Unreliable facts by Voilà

Voilà has been fast in summarizing data and supportive for writing improvement. However, I started to doubt the trustworthiness of the assistant when trying Customized actions.

For example, below is its answer when asked about Inspiring events that happened today.

"There are several inspiring events that happened today, March 1, 2024:

1. International Women's Day celebrations and events around the world to honor and empower women.
2. The launch of a new initiative to promote environmental sustainability and combat climate change.

#1 is clearly not correct as International Women's Day is on March 8th. For #2, when asking to elaborate on the name and place of the event, I was stunned to see "I'm sorry for the confusion, but as an AI, I don't have real-time data access. Therefore, I can't provide specific details about the name or location of the event that was launched today to promote environmental sustainability and combat climate change. However, you can stay updated by checking news sources or relevant websites for more information on this initiative."

So where did Voilà get the data from in the first place? I did a quick search and also didn't find any relevant astronomical event on March 1st.

Sorry for the long text as I can't paste the screenshots here. I understand this problem is also related to ChatGPT engine but it surely affects the quality of Voilà assistant.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com

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