Think, Speak, Confirm.

Natural speech programming assistant providing intelligent voice coding capabilities for the software developers of tomorrow

About Voqal

Voqal is a natural speech programming assistant that provides intelligent voice coding capabilities for software developers. It aims to revolutionize the way developers write code by allowing them to simply think and speak their ideas, rather than typing them out. The primary features of Voqal include customizable context extensions that integrate live data into the assistant's memory for fast and accurate answers, fully promptable access to underlying prompt templates for quick and easy real-time prompt tweaking, and the ability to equip the assistant with custom tools to perform actions on the developer's behalf. Voqal also supports a wide range of compute providers, from industry leaders like OpenAI to highly customizable self-hosting options. The key problems Voqal solves for developers are increased productivity and efficiency. By allowing developers to code using natural speech, Voqal frees up their hands and eyes, enabling them to focus more on problem-solving and less on the mechanics of typing. This can lead to faster development cycles, reduced fatigue, and ultimately, more innovative software.

  • Code without syntax

    Transform your coding experience by writing code with natural language commands, eliminating the need for traditional syntax and making programming more intuitive.

  • Transfer skills between languages

    Effortlessly transfer your existing coding skills across different programming languages, making it easier to adapt and excel in new environments.

  • Generate boilerplate

    Streamline your development process by automating the creation of repetitive boilerplate code, allowing you to focus on building innovative features.

  • Multi-task via delegation

    Boost your productivity by delegating routine tasks to your assistant, freeing up your time to concentrate on solving complex problems and enhancing your projects.

  • Context Extensions

    Integrate live data into your assistant's memory for fast and accurate answers.

  • Fully Promptable

    Access to underlying prompt templates for quick and easy real-time prompt tweaking.

  • Custom Tools

    Equip your assistant with more ways to perform actions on your behalf.

  • 15+ Compute Providers

    From OpenAI to fully customized self-hosting, build the best assistant for you.

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