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Empower your digital journey: Our PDF & Web Highlighter allows you to highlight any website, take notes, and maintain organization for enhanced online productivity.

About Web Highlights

Web Highlights is a powerful productivity tool that empowers users to enhance their digital journey. This innovative PDF and web highlighter allows you to highlight any website or PDF, just like you would with a physical book. With the ability to take notes and organize content with tags, Web Highlights takes your research to the next level. Designed for students, online readers, and anyone seeking a better digital experience, Web Highlights is a game-changer. Its simple Chrome extension makes highlighting and note-taking a breeze, with no need to sign up - just install and start highlighting right away. The tool's premium features, available through subscription plans, offer even more benefits, including syncing highlights to the cloud and accessing them across devices. Web Highlights solves the problem of disorganized online research and information overload. By providing a centralized hub for your highlights, notes, and tags, the tool helps you stay focused and productive. Whether you're studying, reading articles, or conducting research, Web Highlights empowers you to capture insights, organize content, and seamlessly export your work to popular platforms like Notion and Obsidian.

  • Highlight Text

    Highlight key points and facts on any webpage or PDF to easily re-find them later.

  • Web Clipper

    Save bookmarks and read them later. Bookmark any webpage and add tags to organize them.

  • Learn & Remember

    Take notes and create tags for your highlights. Convert highlights and notes into flashcards to reinforce information.

  • Highlight PDFs

    Highlight text and take notes in PDFs using the Web Highlights Chrome Extension.

  • Organize Research

    Create tags to group your research and find it easily. Sync highlights to the web app.

  • Export & Share

    Export your highlights to HTML, Markdown, and PDF files. Share your research with others.

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Web highlights

great tool

Jun 27, 2024
Andrew Jude St-Fleur
Andrew Jude St-Fleur
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