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Acumbamail is a powerful email marketing, SMS, and landing page platform designed to help businesses of all sizes grow and thrive. With an intuitive interface and a wide range of features, Acumbamail makes it easy to create and send professional-looking campaigns in just a few minutes. Whether you're a small business owner, a marketer at a large enterprise, or an agency managing multiple clients, Acumbamail has the tools you need to succeed. From drag-and-drop email builders and customizable templates to advanced automation and segmentation capabilities, Acumbamail helps you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. But Acumbamail is more than just an email marketing tool. With built-in SMS marketing and landing page creation features, you can create a truly multi-channel marketing strategy that engages your audience across multiple touchpoints. And with detailed analytics and reporting, you can track your results and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact. So why choose Acumbamail? Because we believe that marketing shouldn't be complicated. We've built a platform that's easy to use, affordable, and packed with all the features you need to grow your business. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, Acumbamail has everything you need to take your marketing to the next level.

  • Email Marketing

    Acumbamail allows you to easily send professional email campaigns to grow your business.

  • SMS Marketing

    Reach your customers through SMS, a channel with a 90% open rate.

  • Landing Page Builder

    Create landing pages to increase the conversion of your marketing campaigns without leaving the platform.

  • Surveys

    Create surveys and include them in your email, SMS, and landing page campaigns.

  • Multicanal Strategy

    Complement your email strategy with SMS campaigns and maximize the potential of both channels.

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549 reviews
Google flags as a security issue!

I regret this purchase, the software is very clunky but the real issue is that Google recognises Acumbamail as social engineered content and lists it as a security issue. This negatively impacts my website reputation. Complete waste of money and potentially damaging to my business.

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Bad buy, Inaccurate reports

After switching from the amount of open rate went down. It also doesn't show accurate reports. Lots of subscribers from France are shown as opened from the USA. Many more issues.

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Waste of money and time

Buggy solution. One automation started working all of a sudden after a month it was implemented.

There is no possibility to translate the fields. The team is not open for support with translation (I wanted to help).

There are limited number of automations (?!) and I have TIER 3.

And the support gives the shortest answers ever telling me that nothing is possible.

Can I get the refund please! ūüė≠

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Great Tool for the Small Business

We use Acumbamail weekly and have grown our list to over 2K very active subscribers. Acumbamail LTD has already saved our company over $300/Mo in recurring fees and helped us quickly identify email issues that were hurting our deliverability score.

Jun 3, 2024
Christopher Hussey
Christopher Hussey
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Worst investment I did

I was very enthusiastic about all the possibilities offerred by Acumbamail - in theory. In practice : my newsletters don't reach their recipients, even after I've taken all the necessary, laborious steps to ensure authentication. Support boasts that it reacts within 48 hours, but this is not true. First answer was late and just a link to click with unclear steps, and for my second attempt to reach them since the problem persists, I've had no response for 5 days now, even though my problem is that my newsletters aren't even reaching 90% of my recipients though it passes the deliverability tests on the platforms that let you test it (in Appsumo there is normally such a test built in, but... it does NOT work, how surprizing). A major problem, but no answer. A huge disappointment for a small non-profit organization. A product to be avoided at all costs!

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I regret buying Acumbamail

The email builder is clunky and not intuitive to use. When I sent emails they went straight to spam for my recipients and the error message indicated it was because the sending address was connected to fraud. When I asked for help form customer service I didn't receive any response.

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No Automation / No Integration

0 Integration capabability, very low level of "automation" capability.
Does not work with Dates. Automation "IF this then That" does not exist in Acumbamail.

If you're bring contact info with Birthday or any other Date of Importance in the your sheet, Acumbamail won't work for you. You won't beable to automate import from Zapier, Albato, Make or any other automation softwares.

If person does not open, try again in 7 days is not possible, if a person clicks this link send to another campaign is not possible.

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Started promisingly

Acumbamail started promisingly.
A lot of features, fast and great delivery rates.

But even after a very long period it is quite often still unusable.

Constant translation errors where parts of the menu or content are in spanish suddenly!

The thumbail system of the landingpages gets broke every now and then.

Support will put in promising to fix it. And even if it gets fixed it will not last very long.
That means manualy laborious constucted landingpages will no longer be availabe. And in some cases they have to be rebulid from scratch.

Even it looks like acumbamail has a great sales team that will enter more and more possible software integrations, it is too often quite unusual for those who don't speak spanish.

A real shame.

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had great hopes

I'm not a huge 'review' giver unless it is 5-stars (or 5 tacos). I love being a part of startups and small business and totally root for their success. I was super excited to get Acumbamail deal, I went 'all in' and got the highest package!

I liked the interface and the general working environment was user-friendly and made sense. After what I thought was a good amount of testing, I decided to leave my existing system and move over to Acumbamail. This required thousands of dollars for me to pay our tech to properly setup our integration with e-comm, etc. We then connected our store's transactional emails and all was good to go.

Next, I started to get our GDPR campaign setup so our customers would all qualify as 'double-opt-in' so we could start with a fresh, active list. Once I started the campaign, using segments, so only starting with less than 4000 sends; Acumbamail stopped and said we need a list clean-up for safety (we sent less than 1000 before the alert, that seems good and cautious). Okay! I get it, let's error on the side of caution. We said, please proceed with your quote for our list cleanup (translated to approx. $300 USD). We waited a week+ for the cleanup. Before we got our 'cleaned' list, our store transaction emails started soft-bouncing! We said... whaaaat?

1) Starting on a Saturday, all our transactional emails were soft-bouncing (we couldn't figure it out)
2) I reached out to Acumbamail with an urgent request... no responds, by the way, usually take 3+ days to get a reply from someone and they are typically with entry level knowledge.
3) Our hosting provider did the hard work for us and tested the transactional ip's to figure out what's wrong... problem = blacklisted ip's sending our order confirmations.
4) I quickly jumped off the transactional connection and used our other source. After switching, all transactional emails were fine.
5) We never got our campaign moving after the cleanup since the ip issue with our transactions brought up serious concern.

Since then, I've tried to get some sort of assurance that they do have ip addresses that are healthy. I got 1 list and every one produced a blacklist alert when tested.

BUT, the final straw was... remember the list cleanup for about $300? Well, I got charged twice for an apparent simultaneous list cleanup. I've spent a week trying to get someone to refund for 1 of the charges. After 6 days, I've just been told "maybe you hit a popup that started a second cleanup". Hmm. Yeah... just hmmm.

Sigh! So, I am counting my losses with my time, our tech costs and list cleanup costs. Now I'm dealing with our cc company to get the 1 'unauthorized' cleanup charge refunded and it looks like my next step is to head over to my appsumo product list and hit for a refund.

Oh, yeah, all the tech fees I had to pay for Acumbamail connections, etc? Yup, paying those now to return back to our old, but reliable system. I guess I didn't know what I had until I discovered the world of blacklisted ip's.

I hope by the time someone reads this, they've resolved their ip cleanup. That was by far, the biggest issue. What's the point in working so hard on a campaign and getting qualified followers, just to have their system soft-bounce because of the sending ip being on a naughty list!

Best wishes moving forward Acumbamail! I'm sure improvements are coming soon.

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Very low open rate compare to other email provider

Using the same email lists, same weekly newsletter, to the same warm audience, Acumbamail has a very low open rate. I have an average open rate of 40% with my weekly newsletter to my warm members through other email providers, when using acumbamail, the open rate is only 7%. This has been tested over the weeks, and the delivery rate is very low causing low open rate.

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buggy, bad support

Used it for a company and noticed that documentation is almost non existing. After long waits getting instructions and get it running. Found out that there is buggy behavior and gmail is blocked. But even on production issue we need to wait days for a response which is often mediocre at best so we need to email again and again and again to get somewhere.

On our last emails (production issue) from a month or so ago there was not even one response anymore. emailed again and again, still no response.

Moved to Mailersend which is having a very robust solution, excellent documentation and chat based support.

If you want to build a successful company stay away from this offer.

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Almost a year later I am stacking up

I am thrilled to share my positive experience with Acumbamail after nearly a year of using their outstanding email marketing platform. As a dedicated user, I have sent thousands of impeccably designed white-label emails that have not only reflected my brand's essence but have also significantly contributed to our success.

The platform's speed and intuitiveness have been a game-changer for me. Creating and customizing emails has never been easier. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, and the level of customization available is truly impressive. It allows me to tailor my emails to perfection, ensuring they resonate with my audience in the most effective way possible.

One of the standout features that has truly set Acumbamail apart is the generosity of their plans. The inclusivity and flexibility of the plan have allowed me to scale my email marketing efforts without worrying about limitations. This has been a crucial factor in my decision to not only continue with Acumbamail but also to expand my usage beyond the initial purchase.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Acumbamail team for their exceptional work. Your dedication to providing a top-notch service has not gone unnoticed. From the reliable functionality of the platform to the continuous improvements and updates, it's evident that you prioritize user satisfaction.

Thank you, Acumbamail, for helping me elevate my email marketing strategy and for being an invaluable partner in my business journey. I look forward to many years of success with your outstanding platform.

Zen regards,
Long, &

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