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Simple, Effective Chatbot Creation Platform


ChatMaxima is well thought out. The onboarding process is clean, clear and guarantees you get your account set up correctly.

The platform supports a chatbot you can embed into your website using the embed code. Bot Customization is easy, once Vignesh pointed me to where the configuration link resides.

This is the only use case I've configured since buying, as it's my primary requirement, along with its native integration with GoHighLevel. That alone was the deciding factor for me. I've tried other chatbot platforms, and this is the first one to do this natively. LOVE that.

I look forward to implementing SMS and WhatsApp in the next few days.

If your brand has multiple websites, you can use them all to train ChatMaxima and deploy them across your company's network.

If you own multiple businesses, you'll need one ChatMaxima account for each separate business, since the AI needs to be trained on each individual business's content. Makes total sense, and at the price for this lifetime deal, it's a no-brainer.

Each account comes with its own knowledge base system built in. Love that.

I have the option to design a custom Chatbot, an "Instantly Deploy" Chatbot, or use a wide selection of pre-built template bots.

The Bot Builder is very similar to GHL's Automations tool, so if you're familiar with that, ChatMaxima will be easy, as your existing skillset transfers. Widget settings are available from a link inside the LiveChat editing page, including all your default text for your bots.

I love this part best. The system automatically adds all URLs from your website's menu, and you can add as many other URLs as you need to ensure the bot is fully trained.

ChatMaxima has a bunch of other features I don't need at the moment, but if you want to run campaigns or add additional users and/or departments with specific roles/responsibilities, it's all available.

If your needs are similar to mine (quick, easy setup, bot training and deployment) then this 5 Taco product is a no-brainer.

If you're not familiar with creating automations, your learning curve will be slightly longer, but well within the abilities of even the newest Sumoling.

🙏 Thank you for your 1-on-1 walkthrough session and your seemingly instantaneous responses to my emailed questions, Vignesh.

P.S. Either you have a well-trained bot answer your emails, or you never sleep.

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Has Great Potential

If you're looking for a chatbot for your own website, this could be a contender. It uses ChatGPT 3.5, but you can add GPT4.0 and a few others with your own key. If you want a quick well trained chatbot that can use a complete website to learn from this is a good tool.

I am looking for a chatbot that can either use AI or more simple bots where you create your own flow, ChatMaxima can do both. You can edit the Chatbot's appearance, such as adding your own logo and changing colors. But I would like to see more customisation options, currently it's a bit old school in design.

Deploying an AI Chatbot I found very straight forward. It took a while to get my head around deplying the non AI bot but got there in the end, with the help of Vignesh.

For a single organisation it makes sense to have a single inbox for all chatbot enquiries and you can allocate enquiries by agent and department.

For my use, I would like to use it for multiple clients. You can easily deploy the Chatbots to multiple websites. However there is no way as far as I can see, to give access to multiple clients as they currently have full access to everything. I would like to be able to assign roles so that they can only see enquiries for their business. Similarly, currently you cannot remove the ChatMaxima branding on emails sent out to invite new users.

If a true white label agency version becomes available then this could be a good tool for me. I'd give 5 stars if this happens!

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Over complicated

really needed an AI chatbot on my website and gave Chatmaxima a try but the first issue i had is the UI and UX, its overwhelming.

It doesn't look easy to use nor it guides you in anyway.

There is no onboarding and you are just greeted with a sort of complicated to understand page.

tried creating a chatbot and the screen just gives you headache looking at it. so many buttons everywhere, you have no idea what to press to do what.

Unfortunately i couldn't get any value of this, its' over complicated, and lacks core elements.

i wish they improve it by giving a clear use instructions, simplify the tool and offer openai integration.

i'm giving it 2 starts and not one because i was able to signup and login and that should count for something at least

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