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About Lindo

Lindo is the easiest way to build a website and grow your business. Whether you're an indie maker, freelancer, business owner, or agency, Lindo gives you everything you need to succeed online - from stunning landing pages to automated organic lead generation, all powered by AI. With Lindo, you can describe your business and get a complete solution to launch, grow, and thrive. No coding skills required. In just a few clicks, you can create visually stunning landing pages that convert. Lindo's AI-powered design tools make it simple to craft professional-looking websites, even if you've never built one before. But Lindo is more than just a website builder. It also helps you drive organic traffic and leads on autopilot. Lindo's AI SEO writer can generate hundreds of SEO-optimized blog posts in minutes, helping you rank higher in Google and attract a steady stream of new customers. And with Lindo's content generation tools, you can supercharge your social media presence, craft compelling email sequences, and produce SEO-friendly articles - all without the hassle of creating everything from scratch. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, Lindo provides a one-stop solution to help you succeed. With Lindo, you can focus on what you do best, while the platform handles the technical details and marketing heavy-lifting. Join thousands of the best indie makers, business owners, and freelancers who are growing faster with Lindo.

  • Unlimited AI Page Creation

    Lindo allows users to create an unlimited number of pages using the platform's AI-powered page creation tools.

  • Unlimited AI Assist

    Lindo provides users with unlimited access to the platform's AI-powered writing and content creation tools to help them generate high-quality content for their website.

  • Unlimited Storage

    Lindo offers users unlimited storage space to host their website content, files, and media.

  • Unlimited Page Views

    Lindo's platform allows users to host their website with unlimited page views, ensuring their site can handle high traffic without any performance issues.

  • Custom Domain

    Lindo allows users to connect their own custom domain to their website, giving them more control over their online branding and presence.

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  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

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What everyone's saying

52 reviews

web loading are FAST And SEO FRIENDLY good job!

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The best acquisition of 2024 so far, an intuitive, functional tool with great potential.

Congratulations to the LINDO.AI team

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Crazy fast

I went from t2 to t3 and then to t5. Never ever I have seen a Websitebuilder so fast and complete Webseite not just Landing. This is crazy. Please make it GDPR Compliant and make SEO little better so I don't have to refund in 60 Days.

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A good Wordpress alternative

If you are looking to wipe up a decent looking landing page or small website, this may just be your answer. Where it's lacking is in power and customization. For example, unlike WP, you do not have access to the HTML code and the editor is very limited. For example, you can't specify padding and margins. This is like a basic version of WP Elementor. The AI does a pretty good job of giving you a starting website. If you can live without the need to customize a site too much, it's actually does a pretty decent job.

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Worth the Investment - Read This Review

I was torn 50/50 before reviewing this.
I don't do many reviews, but I have been in the digital media industry for 15 years and have a broad range of experience and skills - I think my opinion counts for something, even if only a little to those who think broadly.

I purchased 3 codes yesterday and today built a site for a client where I had a Wordpress site half done for that same client. If I look at the time comparisons for both products right now in terms of how long I have spent it would be - Lindo 2 hours; Wordpress 12 hours. And most of this time was about discovering how Lindo worked! In other words, I can right now build a more than decent site for an existing client in 15 minutes. After another 45 minutes of adjustments and tweaking, I have a site that would have take a minimum of 8 hours in Wordpress. So if time is important to your revenue goals as an agency, this product wins already.

Why I decided to give this product 5 tacos and go full stack is because of one incontestable feeling that all Sumolings are familiar with: Occasionally you make a big bet understanding that if the worst happens, you lose your money, or you have to refund; BUT if the big bet pays off you have something that is truly awesome in scope and return on investment. In my opinion, Lindo is one of those rare products that Sumolings need to go big on, if you run a small agency. Are there issues? Sure. But on a platform that is a tiny green shoot right now, this new product is extremely promising.

We have already come up with a name and logo for our new Website Builder (via the whitelabel function), and are figuring to sell the platform to clients for between $99 - $149 per month. If you do the sums on the full stack, you can see that 150 websites based on those basic figures is a hefty return on your investment.

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Top notch product growing fast

I have the top tier on this product and even though it is lovely and quick to work with it is limited in what it can do.

But what it DOES do, it does super smooth.
That tells me that the team behind LindoAI is making sure all the bolts and bits are screwed in tightly with their core product and upgrades before releasing...
And not trying to satisfy us all by chugging out unfinished function and features to make more sales (like MANY other app devs do) I respect LindoAI team a lot for that.

The roadmap however is VERY promising. So im hoping in a few months we will get the ability to customize all blocks and grids to be able to design freely... and some other key functions for SEO and payments etc.

I strongly believe buying this product now here is an absolute investment. Go for it!

You do have the 60 day refund period... But i believe that you WILL see the potential and stick to it like I am :)

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Super easy to use and quick to build

Lindo is one of the easiest website builders I ever used. Just a short description and a click of button and here I got, a full website with all the needed content, design and even blog, compliance etc. It's like magic - and superb wonderful!

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For a beginner... This is a no brainer!!!

I absolutely love Iindo ai! It's easy to use and makes killer websites! On a 1 to 10 scale, I would give it a 24!

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Not impressed

These are all the same layout and editing is very limited. Not what I expected at all.

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Start with a solid foundation

The team are building a solid foundation to take this to
great levels. They're reactive and organised, and i genuinely enjoy their outlook and vision.

The product itself really is the easest web builder.

Easy vs Flexibility, its understandable that easy means limits, so over time i hope the team can expand this to allow users to have more design freedom, exporting ( confirmed later), and reduce any security risk ( like they exit).

overall very pleased.

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Not quite there yet

I like the concept but the white label platform isn't fit for purpose yet and the templates make the websites all look the same (ie SAAS layout).

Obviously has lots of design limitations but that's to be expected on this type of platform at an early stage.

The white label issues could and should be addressed quickly. Non-saas templates should also be easy to add.

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A Paradise for beginners like me

As a beginner, I have a lot of fun with Lindo. I really enjoy getting these fast, solid results. Highly recommended!

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