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I supported from 2021 and at first it was pretty cool. Seemed to work!

Then they switched to a different TLD.
Even since then the support has been dreadful and the performance limited, at best. There are better options out there.

I couldn't even post to FaceBook or Twitter.. and when I queried this, I got asked to reconnect again through same methods that X had discontinued.... and Ocoya must have known too, if not then that's a whole different conversation. Bought, tried, shelved.

Gave up.

Do better.

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Great in theory

The idea is great and it does make posting somewhat easier for social media.

The biggest issue is Support; it's awful.

I have a perfectly validated rss feed (validates everywhere. Put it in Ocoya and |invalid feed" no reason for the failure.

Asked support, their reply was, would you like an ETA on when RSS will be available?

I explained again, and there was nothing more. This may be another get your refund before it goes away.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Great platform, not very mobile friendly

Ocoya is a great platform that competes well with other premium ones. The only thing I don't like is the lack of a good mobile interface.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Works for me!

I didn't purchase based on the roadmap - can't believe so many people do - and it's working fine for me. Looking forward to even more features in the future.

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Disappointed with Ocoya - Scheduling Woes & Unimpressive AI

I signed up for Ocoya hoping to streamline my social media marketing, but unfortunately, it fell far short. Scheduling posts was a nightmare. Despite the advertised features, I simply couldn't get it to work.

To top it off, when I reached out for support, I was met by a useless chatbot that offered no real solutions. The promised AI writing assistance was equally underwhelming.

Overall, Ocoya was a rather frustrating experience. I requested a refund.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Great for Small Business bad for exsiting businesses / Angencies

If you are a brand-new business with no social presence, Ocoya is a promising tool. It offers a simple profile setup process, which is a great starting point. However, there are some aspects to be aware of.

At the time of writing, the only social channels you can connect to our Facebook
Instagram, Twitter / X, LinkedIn (Personal and business profiles), and Pinterest. However, since I first purchased Ocoya, the main three are still 'coming soon', as are TikTok YouTube Shorts (only shorts) and Google Business.

As an agency and business owner, the fact that I can't even post to Google is a deduction of 2 stars (in my opinion). If your business uses TikTok, Google, or YouTube, there is no ETA for when it will come and no release date. These three social profile types were requested in 2021, and they are acting on it now; how long will it take to deploy? I have no idea. Also, a fun fact: Pinterest is DONE, and there are comments in their roadmap that they will move it to DONE since 2023, so they don't even update/monitor their roadmap.

But here is the negative thing about LinkedIn: if you're an agency and your client must give you super admin, you can't connect those channels. We deal with multiple brands every day, and for one reason or another, not all our clients are comfortable with such high-level access, nor do they want to plug directly into our software. Other social media scheduling software is fine if the person is a Content Admin. Still, Ocoya has decided to do this, which means we can't use the software.

Ocoya has incorporated AI features, which is a positive step. However, it has prioritised these flashy new features over core fundamentals.

In short, if you have a start-up with no channels, Ocoya may improve over time and become usable. If you're established or an agency, look elsewhere.

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Ocoya? More like Ocoy-No

I understand that Ocoya understands the frustration regarding slow updates.

However, how much time do they need? I believe it is a good practice to set reasonable expectations. I purchased Ocoya in 2021, and on their website at the time, ocoya.net, and I belive now as a well, ocoya.com they advertise they integrate TikTok and Google Business, however if you purchase/subscribe you will find that is not the case. You will find a "coming soon" alert. I for one waited 3 years, but we all have a different understanding of what soon means.

Joe recommends buying based on current features rather than future promises. Then why not have your home page reflect the actual integrations rather than what will be available "soon". If you need Zapier to accomplish your task, it's not an integration, just put up the Zapier logo and take down the TikTok and other logos, it is misleading to your audience.

When I brought up the above issues, in a more professional, more polite and curious manner in the Facebook Group. Joe left an angry response, which he then deleted and then promptly removed me from the group. I suggest not only reviewing your practices, but actually CHANGING them.

Being able to receive feedback is a skill. All the reviews here are from people who trusted you enough to try your product. If you sincerely intend to use the feedback to improve, then I hope you do so soon, or if not, at least put it on your roadmap.


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Maybe....the slowest roadmap in the world....ever

That's it really. Don't buy on the promise of the roadmap, features coming, promises of new integrations etc. Buy if you are happy with how it works right now. Then, well, it works ok at least.

They will also take you out of their facebook group if you ask about the roadmap features too much.

Google business has been coming for 3 years or so, and you will constantly see messages saying its in the next update.....it never is.

Positives? It's easy to use.

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would never buy again

sad i can't refund. i would never buy this tool again. all they said in terms of updates never happened. very unfriendly support. one of my worst purchases ever on appsumo.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Broken Promises | The Ocoya Saga

Dear Sumoling Community,

Imagine a journey filled with hope and promise, only to be met with disappointment and frustration. This is the story of our experience with Ocoya.

For over two years, we have been promised integrations with Google My Business, TikTok, and YouTube. These promises were supposed to transform our workflow, making our tasks seamless and unified. Yet, here we stand today, with none of these integrations in place. The echo of these unfulfilled commitments grows louder with each passing day.

But the tale doesn't end there. The core functionalities that we rely on—scheduling and posting—are unreliable at best. Instead of a smooth, cohesive experience, we are forced to juggle between platforms, creating inefficiencies and headaches. The dream of having everything in one place remains just that—a dream.

Our frustration is compounded by the continued support Ocoya receives from Appsumo, despite the glaring issues. We feel let down, not just by Ocoya, but by the platform that continues to endorse them.

We believe in transparency. The Sumoling community deserves to know the reality of Ocoya's performance. The delays and lack of progress have left us disillusioned, but we remain hopeful for a turnaround.

Stay informed and vigilant, Sumolings.


Purchased from: AppSumo.com
The best social media management tool on the market.

I bought this in 2022 and seeing it available again I added to my purchase. When it comes to social media management tools, Ocoya is the best in the market and I know this as an agency that uses this. My only concern is how sustainable this lifetime deal is to the lifecycle of the product as a saas. Nevertheless, superior product, superior value!

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No Longer Working

I bought Ocoya Lifetime last time it was live. I have one code for four workspaces.

They did an update and now I can't access the four spaces. It deleted one of my users profiles - I ended up having to switch the customer to another platform.

I approached support - they were not helpful and couldn't get my customers data back. In conclusion, I have paid for a code and have a "personal" account that no longer has the appsumo code tied against and then a premium sub account for a customer. What a waste of time and money!

Don't buy.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com