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Effortlessly launch and grow your audio or video podcast with everything you need in one place, with the help of AI.

About Podsqueeze

Podsqueeze is a powerful AI-powered tool that helps podcasters and content creators streamline their podcast production and promotion. With Podsqueeze, you can effortlessly generate high-quality content for your podcast, including transcripts, show notes, newsletters, social media posts, and even short clips and audiograms. The tool's advanced AI algorithms can automatically transcribe your podcast episodes with state-of-the-art accuracy, complete with speaker labeling. From there, Podsqueeze can generate comprehensive show notes, complete with timestamps, bullet points, and key mentions, saving you hours of manual work. But Podsqueeze doesn't stop there. It can also create ready-to-send newsletters and blog posts, as well as bite-sized social media posts to help you spread the word about your podcast. And with the new audio editing and enhancement feature, you can remove filler words, silences, and improve the overall sound quality of your recordings with just a single click. Whether you're a solo podcaster, a podcast manager, or part of a larger production team, Podsqueeze is designed to streamline your workflow and help you create more engaging, high-quality content for your audience. With its intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities, Podsqueeze is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to take their podcast to the next level.

  • Transcript Generator

    Get the full transcript of your podcast episode, along with an SRT file ready for generating captions and subtitles.

  • Show Notes Generator

    Summarize and generate show notes in your own voice, complete with timestamps, bullet points and mentions.

  • Blog and Newsletter Generator

    Get actionable blog posts about your episodes and ready-to-send newsletters with the main takeaways.

  • Social Media Posts Generator

    Get short posts and bite-sized insights to spread the word on social media.

  • Podcast Clip Maker

    Simply choose a chapter from your episode and export it as a clip or audiogram for TikTok, Instagram and Youtube Shorts.

  • Audio Enhancement

    Experience seamless audio editing with advanced AI algorithms to remove ums, silences, and enhance sound quality with just one click.

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