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TruConversion tells you what's working, what's not, and how to fix it.

About TruConversion

TruConversion is an all-in-one analytics and feedback application that helps businesses identify and fix conversion pain points by understanding the WHY behind visitor and user behavior. With features like heatmaps, session recordings, funnel analytics, form field reports, microsurveys, and customer surveys, TruConversion provides a comprehensive toolkit for observing, analyzing, and making data-driven decisions to convert visitors into customers. Designed for marketers, product managers, and UX designers, TruConversion offers powerful insights without the need for complex setup or technical expertise. By simply installing a script on your website, you can start tracking user behavior and gathering valuable feedback in minutes. Whether you're looking to optimize landing pages, improve form completion rates, or understand why users are abandoning their carts, TruConversion has the tools you need to uncover actionable insights and drive meaningful results.

  • Smart Funnels

    A simple and powerful tool to accurately track your marketing funnels in minutes.

  • Session Recordings

    Watch how your visitors behave on your site to see what made them buy or bounce.

  • Heatmaps

    Visualize where your visitors click, scroll, and interact with your pages.

  • Form Field Report

    Get more leads and sales by optimizing your forms based on visitor interaction data.

  • Microsurveys

    Create simple onsite questions that deliver immediate answers from your visitors.

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1381 reviews
Review of TruConversion on My Website

I have used TruConversion on my website, and I can confidently say that it has significantly helped me improve conversion rates. By utilizing the insights provided by TruConversion, I was able to identify areas of my website that needed optimization and make informed decisions to enhance the user experience.

I recommend TruConversion to anyone looking to boost their website's conversion rates and overall performance.

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Debra J Price

A must have for one's website!!!!!!!

Purchased from:

If you have a website, this is a must have! As Peter Druker has said, "What your measure get's managed." It does what it supposed to do and with ease. Love it!

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Clean UI

I did purchase both plerdy and truconversion. Both great products. While less features, truconversion has a better UI making it easier to understand the data I am getting. I also felt like it did a better job with the data. All in all, this is the tracking software I am sticking with. The only disadvantage is I need to find a good A/B software to pair together. Satisfied and would recommend.

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Love the Heatmaps

I've started the setup process and its intuitive. I'm able to figure things out and get my heatmap configured for my website. Getting the tracking codes installed was a breeze.

Purchased from:
Pretty awesome

Bought for my e-commerce site and it sheen great!

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Newbie Made it Work

This has been super easy to get set up - now I need to figure out how to read all of the reports. There is a lot of documentation and help. Some of it is more intuitive than others but over all I'm really excited about using this info to help me have better design of my page.

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And easy to use.

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Really good

Really enjoying it! good job !!

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useful for woo commerce shop

More details on top of woo-commerce analytics plugin and ability to aks users a few questions on the cart process with surveys and mini surveys. Use it a couple of days now and learning more and more about the functionality. It is solid and improved by user feedback that is clear!

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Very useful and intuitive

I just started using TruConversion, and so far I think it's quite easy to use and for me a game changer. The dashboard and tools are very intuitive, so that you won't feel lost. I think it's a very useful tool to grow one's business.

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Actually surprised at the number of features

Considering I was paying simply for heatmap software before, the breadth of features in this product has me very excited. We're using it on our new website relaunch (self-hosted Wordpress) and I've had no trouble integrating all the features into the site. Planning to use the Survey tool for visitor feedback and anxious for the results. Also using the Smart Funnels to drive email subscriptions. Most importantly, this has not significantly increased any load times on my site, which was a major concern of mine going in.

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