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About URL Monitor

Struggling to get your website pages indexed in Google? Introducing URL Monitor - the powerful indexing tool that takes the hassle out of keeping your content visible online. URL Monitor is designed to be your one-stop-shop for Google indexing. With its suite of advanced features, you can easily track your URLs, monitor for potential issues, and get new pages indexed quickly. No more waiting and wondering if your content is being discovered by search engines. The secret sauce? URL Monitor's automatic indexing capabilities. Simply connect your website, and the tool will sync your sitemaps, check index status daily, and submit your pages to Google - all on autopilot. It's like having a dedicated indexing assistant working around the clock to drive more traffic to your site. Whether you're a small business owner, content creator, or digital marketer, URL Monitor is the solution you need to take control of your online presence and skyrocket your search visibility. Stop stressing about indexing and start focusing on creating amazing content that your audience craves.

  • Daily URL Monitoring

    We track the indexing status of your pages daily to help you find indexing problems or technical issues quickly.

  • Sitemap Syncing

    We automatically sync your sitemaps to find new pages to index as you publish them.

  • Automatic Indexing

    Enable auto indexing and we'll submit your pages to Google every day.

  • Weekly Email Reports

    Get weekly email reports on the status of your indexed pages.

  • Advanced Filtering

    Filter by URL, indexing status, sitemaps, submitted or indexed dates and page health to find the pages you need to focus on.

  • Bulk Indexing

    Select and submit your pages in bulk to get them indexed in Google.

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What everyone's saying

14 reviews
URL Monitor Saves Me so Much Time

I can't praise this enough! Yes I can submit my webpages and sitemaps manually and I have been doing just that for a long time. Yet despite this, some pages were not being indexed after months. Along comes URL monitor and once setup, after 3 days of running, many of those pages are now finally indexed. Each day when I log in, I can see the number of indexed pages rising for my sites and it is all done without me having to do anything now. A great time saver and an effective tool for ensuring my pages get indexed on Google. I had to contact support initially as I messed up my registration with gmail. Within a couple of hours I was informed all was sorted out. Very happy with this. Thank you

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A must tool to have!

I would say this is one of my most important tools in my long list of SEO tools I have purchased.
I know I can use Google search console for free but having this tool is a no brainer if you simply want to have a quick snapshot of all of your websites to see what pages are indexed. This has saved me a lot of time. The user interface is easy and great to use. I highly recommend URL monitor if your on the fence to give it a go.

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Gateway time-out has happened 10 times

This app was very easy to setup. Very straightforward. My concerns is the Gateway time-out (Cloudflare) message has popped up on the screen at least 10 times since I've had this app over the last three or four days This is concerning to me. I Don't understand why this would happen. Maybe it's a rush of new users? Right now, I can't see my sites at all. When I checked for errors, my site showed none, which is not true. I am starting to teeter as I was very excited about the prospects of this app. Will watch how it goes and I am always happy to adjust my review.

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Takes the hassle off Google Search Console

I like the interface, with straightforward icons that let you know the status of your page in GSC.

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Not correct data and bad support

Don't reply to mails, We have multiple websites that the tool can't scan
We have websites that the tool scan but give false information for example 1000 pages are not indexed but in reality they are indexed

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Seems to do the job

From what I can tell, it does the job of indexing. My problem was with the # of pages shown to be indexed. I found it to be inaccurate, but I did delete the site and reload it into the software.

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Superb auto indexing product - it works flawlessly

Superb product - in the UK there used to be a Garden Fence sealant called Ronseal - and the advert slogan was "Does what it says on the tin" - this product is the same very easy to use and it works well. Extremly happy with my Tier 2 and will be taking max stack this week.

Some features Id love to see - possibly worth a Tier 5 would be the ability to create whitelabelled agency reports via email / pdf on what has been indexed. This would be superb to show clients.

Good luck on appsumo.

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Recommend for SEO pros for multiple sites

If you managing multiple sites in your portfolio, you will understand the challenge to manage the indexing level of your seo pages.

I have explore the possibility using API to check and submit indexing pages - but the problem is limit of 200 submission per day - if you want to submit 1000's of pages per day - you will need multiple google accounts.

URL monitor did what I need - automated monitoring and submit index.

I submitted a site 2 days back - already have 40+ pages indexed due to the process.

I would suggest few features to be added though:
1. API access for us to manually submit page to be index urgently
2. Increase limit of pages that can be manually added (currently 100) - I would prefer in 500 or even 1000

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Looks great so far

I've tested for 5 days; it really helped me to index some pages, not all, though. What I like is that it shows you the pages that are not indexed. It's hard to discover these pages via Search Console. But URL Monitor works like a charm; it is really easy to see what important pages you have that are not indexed. Hope, they'll fix the bug with impressions, and we will also be able to filter pages via impressions. I'm excited to see new features like being able to see which external URLs are not indexed, and being able to index them, would really help with link-building efforts.

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Save time and work, good for agencies

I own a small agency and we have over 20 websites alone. Not all of them need such professional indexing.

I thought I'd test what happens when I put 5 of my best sites into urlmonitor. The actual start up and implementation was so easy that I was surprised and looked for some tricky stuff. Within 5 minutes we had everything up and running on 5 sites.
The next day I looked and the application had checked everything, indexed other sites that weren't in Google and it was done.

Now we are going to apply everything to our clients' sites and see if the traffic changes as more sites are indexed.

I'm happy with the UX and the fact that I can add value to my clients' services in terms of monitoring page indexation.

None of us want to have a blog or an e-shop that no one can find because Google doesn't know about it.

What I like to do is constantly monitor whether all websites are indexed and then provide information as to why they are not or what is going on.

I know how important it is, especially for new websites, to make sure pages are indexed, so I'm excited about this app. It really adds value for agencies or small business owners who need to index new blogs or products all the time.

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Saving Me Hours

I have been looking for software like this for a while. I own an agency with 35 clients and manually go through GSC monthly to submit the non-indexed URLs. I added 20 clients last night to URL Monitor and all the URLs have been indexed. This will save me hours every month and keep the URLs indexed, as Google has been dropping pages for sites out of the index a lot lately.

Great UX and very easy to use!

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More useful than expected

I thought that almost all my important pages were indexed in Google, so why use this? Because it looked interesting I just tried it.

I discoverd a lot of important pages that were not indexed like 22% of the site was not indexed. With great content. So I definitely need and will keep this tool.

It is quite difficult to check indexing in search console and it is not accurate, this tool gives the real insights.

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