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Very promising... looking forward to new roadmap items

As a small agency managing +100 websites (most of them small +-70 pages), this is a time saver. I understand that there is more work on the table but this looks very promising. For the moment this is a set-and-forget for any of our website. Honestly, if there was a tier 5 with unlimited sites, we would go for it (now tier 4). For us the amount of website is important, not the amount of pages.

Requests from our side :
- (site wide) Dashboards and reports : to have a holistic view on all websites (pages indexed, pages not indexed, not checked,...)
- Whitelabel and website based user management
- Tier 5 with unlimited websites :-)
- Charts

Keep up the good work 👍🙏

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I can't recommend URL monitor highly enough!

While I can manually submit my web pages and sitemaps and have been doing so for quite some time, this makes a huge difference.
Nonetheless, some pages still weren't being indexed even after several months.
Then comes the URL monitor. After setting it up and letting it run for a few days, many pages are finally indexed.
When I log in, I notice the increasing number of indexed pages for my websites, which happens automatically without any effort.
It is an excellent time-saving and powerful tool to ensure Google indexes my pages.
Very happy with URL monitor.
Thank you

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Simple but powerful tool I was looking for. I mean the tool us not simple, it makes my tasks simple.

We added over 15 websites and just a week later this nice tool found several pages on each website we missed e.g. weren't aware of missing indexed pages. One had even over 100 missing pages ;-). We are content marketers and I know that technical SEO has some value, and URL Monitor now takes part of this part of SEO. You could say we just hired another "staff member", who takes care of it 24/7. I think it is very important in theses times to have tools like URL Monitor. So thanks for being here on Appsumo. Right now we are heavily investing in similar AI tools to keep our monthly costs low and be able to concentrate on outreach with great valuable content. More important then ever especially with AI getting better and better. Just bought another AI tool here on Appsumo which lets us automate meta descriptions etc on the entire site. Love it, with the software providers on Appsumo the digital marketing game can be played and some victory achieved:-)

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Great tool! Don't miss it!

I mean it's not a review that I write w/o knowing the topic. I manage an SEO agency, not so big, but I know my way of doing the right things for my customers. And this tool helps me to index all needed pages. I appreciate very much the chance also to deindex some pages, that I don't consider strategic, for example, some categories or some tag pages. The process of indexing is quite simple and in 5 minutes you can give access to the email account(s) of the tool that help you index the pages through API. There are many things to do, and I will try to contribute to the roadmap, in the meantime enjoy this tool, either for your single blog or for your agency, like me.

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URL Monitor Saves Me so Much Time

I can't praise this enough! Yes I can submit my webpages and sitemaps manually and I have been doing just that for a long time. Yet despite this, some pages were not being indexed after months. Along comes URL monitor and once setup, after 3 days of running, many of those pages are now finally indexed. Each day when I log in, I can see the number of indexed pages rising for my sites and it is all done without me having to do anything now. A great time saver and an effective tool for ensuring my pages get indexed on Google. I had to contact support initially as I messed up my registration with gmail. Within a couple of hours I was informed all was sorted out. Very happy with this. Thank you

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A must tool to have!

I would say this is one of my most important tools in my long list of SEO tools I have purchased.
I know I can use Google search console for free but having this tool is a no brainer if you simply want to have a quick snapshot of all of your websites to see what pages are indexed. This has saved me a lot of time. The user interface is easy and great to use. I highly recommend URL monitor if your on the fence to give it a go.

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Gateway time-out has happened 10 times

This app was very easy to setup. Very straightforward. My concerns is the Gateway time-out (Cloudflare) message has popped up on the screen at least 10 times since I've had this app over the last three or four days This is concerning to me. I Don't understand why this would happen. Maybe it's a rush of new users? Right now, I can't see my sites at all. When I checked for errors, my site showed none, which is not true. I am starting to teeter as I was very excited about the prospects of this app. Will watch how it goes and I am always happy to adjust my review.

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Takes the hassle off Google Search Console

I like the interface, with straightforward icons that let you know the status of your page in GSC.

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Not correct data and bad support

Don't reply to mails, We have multiple websites that the tool can't scan
We have websites that the tool scan but give false information for example 1000 pages are not indexed but in reality they are indexed

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Seems to do the job

From what I can tell, it does the job of indexing. My problem was with the # of pages shown to be indexed. I found it to be inaccurate, but I did delete the site and reload it into the software.

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Superb auto indexing product - it works flawlessly

Superb product - in the UK there used to be a Garden Fence sealant called Ronseal - and the advert slogan was "Does what it says on the tin" - this product is the same very easy to use and it works well. Extremly happy with my Tier 2 and will be taking max stack this week.

Some features Id love to see - possibly worth a Tier 5 would be the ability to create whitelabelled agency reports via email / pdf on what has been indexed. This would be superb to show clients.

Good luck on appsumo.

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Recommend for SEO pros for multiple sites

If you managing multiple sites in your portfolio, you will understand the challenge to manage the indexing level of your seo pages.

I have explore the possibility using API to check and submit indexing pages - but the problem is limit of 200 submission per day - if you want to submit 1000's of pages per day - you will need multiple google accounts.

URL monitor did what I need - automated monitoring and submit index.

I submitted a site 2 days back - already have 40+ pages indexed due to the process.

I would suggest few features to be added though:
1. API access for us to manually submit page to be index urgently
2. Increase limit of pages that can be manually added (currently 100) - I would prefer in 500 or even 1000

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