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Gives you a solid list of influencers

I like the list of influencers and the decently diverse filter selection. It would be nice to be able to input custom keywords into the filter.

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So for, so good. Great product!

It has amazing value and is well laid out.

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Finding influencers made easy

Don't search for long anymore, a lot of things are done automatically and you can find the right influencer for your niche

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So far so good

Just trying this and eezycollab. I've been playing with both for a few minutes and btrendy definitely looks more comprehensive.

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Looks good so far

Lets see how it goes....! Interface easy to use

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Btrendy - The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Tool

Btrendy stands out as the premier influencer outreach tool on the market, revolutionizing how brands connect with influencers. With its cutting-edge features, user-friendly interface, and unparalleled analytics, Btrendy ensures seamless collaboration and maximizes campaign impact. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting, Btrendy's comprehensive platform offers everything you need to identify, engage, and manage influencer relationships, making it the best choice for influencer outreach by far.

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very helpful data in making decisions

This tool's data is good and it helps us to make a decision fast on who we want to work with on our next influencer program.

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Great app!

This is a great app for marketing!

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great tool

I found influencers to connect with in minutes. Awesome service and SAAS.

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So Far So Good.

So far so good. The interface is easy to use and can select per product. Happy with our purchase.

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The missing link

Genau so ein Tool habe ich lange gesucht.

Ich hoffe die Funktionen halten ihr Versprechen und das Tool erweist sich als echter Hit, indem es mit viel Arbeit erspart und ich so schneller an die benötigten Informationen komme.

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Dont miss this awesome tool

I need to do a lot of gifting campaigns for our clients so I decided to give Btrendy a spin

The Good:

Ease of Use: Navigating through platform was a breeze. The interface is super intuitive—no need to pull your hair out figuring out where things are.

Extensive Database: They have a humongous database of influencers—over 300 million, across the major platfoms. They keyword filter is by far the most powerful.

Detailed Analytics: It offers deep insights into influencers and their audience, which is crucial for vetting. You get various metrics like audience demographics, fake followers, and engagement rates.

The Not-So-Good:

Followers scanner: It works on accounts with minimum 1000 followers, but i wish they lower the minimum. I needed it for one of our clients they have 200 followers and it didn't find influencers among them.

Customer Support: They don't offer live chat support, you have to email for support. Not a huge deal, but if you’re working on tight deadlines, it’s something to keep in mind.

Btrendy is a solid choice. It offers robust tools and an extensive influencer network that can dramatically save you time and boost your campaigns. Just beware of the learning curve and potential delays in support.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

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