Bonjour, I’m Fernand.

The fastest, calmest customer support experience for SaaS ever made.

About Fernand

Fernand is the fastest, calmest customer support experience for SaaS ever made. It is a productivity machine because it’s the culmination of hundreds of design decisions, engineering optimisations and just the right mix of features to create an unrivaled experience. Fernand is crafted to be incredibly calm. It helps increase focus and reduce procrastination. By showing only one task at a time, we aim to reduce the anxiety that stems from not knowing where to start. Always know what your support queue looks like at a glance, instead of scanning through it manually. We communicate your progress transparently throughout your day, to give you a sense of completion and fulfilment.

  • Fast and Responsive

    Fernand is a productivity machine with blazingly fast load times under 100ms and no spinners or loading screens. Everything is synced between all your screens in real-time.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Fernand is optimized for efficiency with keyboard shortcuts for everything, allowing you to reply, add notes, close requests, and more with just a few keystrokes.

  • Smart Replies

    Fernand's smart reply feature allows you to execute multiple actions with quick shortcuts to respond to requests in a flash.

  • Stripe Integration

    Fernand integrates directly with Stripe, allowing you to see customer metadata, handle refunds, collaborate with your team, and automate everything with rules - all from within your customer support tool.

  • Calm and Focused Interface

    Fernand is designed to be incredibly calm and focused, using techniques from cognitive bias modification and gamification to help increase focus and reduce procrastination.

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  • Linux

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