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looks promising

I cant wait to try this but I have to wait for the AUD version to be released on July 1st.

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Perfect Realtime ROAS Spending Tool

Clean and Clear Dashboard !!!

Perfect Tool to check your Ad Spending Costs
in Instagram, Shopify, Klaviyo,Twitter, Facebook, Google

Worth every Penny !!!

Totally Happy about the Deal !!!

Thank you, you comes to the right Time to Appsumo ;)

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A Valuable and Promising Tool with an Exciting Future

I recently got a lifetime deal for on AppSumo, and I must say the platform is valuable and very promising. It offers robust omnichannel features that streamline business growth strategies effectively. The interface is user-friendly, and the insights are actionable and precise.

Their ambitious roadmap includes plans to introduce several new features and integrations, making the platform even more powerful. I would like to see them include webhooks in their future plans, which enhance analytics and attribute tracking capabilities with any website.

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase and look forward to seeing how evolves and grows!

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Growify Review

WOW! what a great product! All the functions all those great but expensive apps i used to do. Their roadmap is right in line with my needs as a lead gen agency and a shopify dabbler. They even have some of functionality i wished the expensive services had. I recommend this product to anyone who cares about accurate data driven decisions

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Better than Triple Whale

I've been an avid user of Triple Whale since 2022. But recently the UI had too much going on and I wanted to strip down back to basics to maximize my ROI and isolate variables driving performance. Growify is what Triple Whale should be - helpful for managing paid ads across all of my digital channels. Would absolutely recommend!

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Only for US Shopify Shops

Shopify give me an error after installation:

This app is connected to your shop
not compatible

This app is not compatible with your store

Growify is only compatible with shops that:

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