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Poor product if you are looking for Quiz style of thing

I purchased this because it said it was similar to Kahoot. Its not. I purchased CrowdParty Lifetime deal at the time and that is more comparable to Kahoot.
I contacted their support and they told me what I want to have as in Kahoot and in CrowdParty is not possible, so asking for a reiumbursement now.

Hi Fernando, thank you for reaching out to our team!

As I understand it, you want the user to give an answer to a question in the test and not immediately know whether it is correct or not? I'm afraid we don't have such a setting. You can customize the "don't show the correct answer" rule in trivia only. I
f I have not fully understood your case, please be more specific.

My question to their support:
Hello, I am looking to create the Quiz in the way Kahoot and Crowdparty works, but I cannot find then timer to not show the answer inmediately. How should I use your platform like this?

Their answer:
Hi Fernando, thank you for reaching out to our team!

As I understand it, you want the user to give an answer to a question in the test and not immediately know whether it is correct or not? I'm afraid we don't have such a setting. You can customize the "don't show the correct answer" rule in trivia only. If I have not fully understood your case, please be more specific.

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Great Features and Design, Poor Support

Interacty offers a wide range of functionalities. The UI/UX of Interacty is top-notch. The design is clean, intuitive, and user-friendly. Navigation through the platform is seamless, making it easy to create, edit and embed. Additionally, the platform's performance is smooth, with minimal lag or loading times.

Unfortunately, Interacty falls short when it comes to customer support. Long waiting periods for clarification and a lack of helpful responses. I am waiting for the reply to decide whether to upgrade from Tier 3 to Tier 4. Hope i will get the response before the AppSumo deal ends.

1. I mainly purchased this for Live game. The live game is not working as it is supposed to. Somewhere in your reply to someone's question, I read that the live game is in beta. When will it be ready to use?
2. Do you have any help video or documentation to understand how much customization is possible with custom css?
3. Any option to delete particular user entry in Leaderboard (In case of cheating, abusive language or invalid name in the Name field.)?

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I love it!

I'll keep it short and sweet. I actually came across this Interacty deal by chance, but it turns out it's exactly what I was looking for to complete a project I'm currently doing with that special something.
This is a keeper for me, and I'm sticking with Tier 4.
Interacty is rich in possibilities, you can do so much with it, and it's just as much fun to create the games as it is for the users to play them. For me a charming and versatile lead generation and landing page creating tool.
What additional features would I like to see?
Ability to upload custom fonts to perfectly match one's corporate design
Possibility to easily add GDPR-Consent for Contact forms
That's it. I'm happy with my purchase!

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Perfect for Challenges and Attracting Leads

Full disclosure - I originally wrote a 2 taco review. But, in the last few months, Interacty has made good on their promises (especially Battle Rank) .. and they look amazing. This is a well made tool, not a startup. There are some glitches to iron out, but I am now confident that this is on the roadmap and will make an excellent app... excellenter (must be a word as spell checker did not pick it up).

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A Decent, But Limited Platform (Be Weary of the Badge)

I would say if you are going Tier 3 or higher, this could be a useful tool for your organization. Otherwise, though, I would probably avoid it. Features are a bit dated compared to other gamification platforms and even standard form builders. Though for your use case, it could be great? I really don't know.

For one thing, there is a mandatory "Interactly" badge that is present on all forms created in Tiers 1 and 2. When I did finally create a quiz – and realized that the badge was there to stay – I reached out to Interactly about potentially removing it (this was back in April). Let's just say that I got a less than favorable response (and I'll just leave it at that).

At the end of the day, if I'm being honest, we were already subscribed to two other form platforms that offered much more interactive gamification features, anyway (features that have been added since first purchased that hadn't even been advertised). So overall, I can't really recommend or not recommend this platform… And to be fair, I stopped using it in April when I found out we couldn't remove the Interactly badge without upgrading.

If I'm being honest, there is probably a lack of transparency in the Tier 1 / 2 / 3 descriptions that you won't necessarily realize until you start playing around with the tool. Again, I'm not going to elaborate. But the moral of the story? Don't wait two months before you start using the tool! That was clearly my mistake.

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I absolutely adore Interacty.

Their app does what it is supposed to do and does so very well. It is very unique in bringing gamification to both education and business. In doing so, you also get crossover into things that you might not have considered for business from the educational side, such as worksheets, etc.

Support is incredibly responsive. I was playing with Interacty in the middle of the night, on my phone, in bed. lol And I couldn't get something to work. So I sent a quick message to support. Before they could even respond, I realized that the issue was that I was on my phone and needed to be on a computer. So I let them know that. They still posted a video explaining the functionality to ensure that it was fully understood.

I believe they are working on a word search function. That will be a nice addition.

I would like to see Interacty incorporate AI into their functionality for "Content Repurposing" to autogenerate from our resources (blog posts, ebooks, lead magnets, learning tools, etc.) Then we can edit them.

I'm also open to whatever other AI or new functionality they want to add!

Thank you for a great app!

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Interacty Need to put 80% effort on 20% key critical items soon, very soon

Interacty has lot of useful features but really needs to fix some energy draining fundamental issues of customers related to tool usage. While some progress is there, in roadmap seeing issues still open since more than year is definitely not good. Below issues should be fixed very urgently to become top notch tool..

a. cname - As someone mentioned in 2023 review and many folks again asked, this should be fixed so each project doesn't need separate cname and completely messes their hosting dashboard.
b. cname on live events - Enable this else it is not fully whitelabeled project
c. social sharing options.
d. import questions capability to projects with live events in addition to other project types else huge time in creating each question.
e. Use AI to assist in each/most template editing with prompts using AI key or monthly tool credits.

Above will bring huge value to customers (and hence to interacty growth). Must solve above in 3-4 months timeframe max.

All other interacty features work fine today as well.

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A real gem

This tool, which can be used for marketing, gamification and education, is incredible - its possibilities are limitless. The UX is perfect, it's really easy to use and the French interface is a great plus.

Buying Tier4 is the biggest purchase I've made here and I have absolutely no regrets. The highest Tier will also allow you to customise certain elements with CSS, which is a great option.

Since I've had it, there have been a number of updates, and I'm keeping a close eye on the roadmap :) and Youtube channel to see what's coming next. Otherwise the support is also very good and responsive.

In terms of suggestions, I'd like it to be possible to create directories in the media to manage them better when you start to have hundreds of them. I'd also like to be able to add sound to certain actions like Spin the Wheel, Memory or Quizzes. That would make the tool even more attractive :)
Creating a Facebook group to exchange ideas would also be a good idea.

Don't miss out on this exceptional value offer, I love it! 5/5

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So much potential! A must have!

This is a real review by a real user and training developer. I love Interacty and think it is one of those rare finds on AppSumo that is an absolute no-brainer! The fact that it is still being offered as an LTD surprises me so I would not pass it up. No other LTD I've come across that allows you to build interactive gamified content is even remotely close to the number of quality templates and value this one provides. Interacty has so much potential and will surely get even better with time.

I am currently using Tier 4 to get the most out of it. Here are some of my thoughts:

1) Unlimited premium templates, unlimited websites, and a very generous number of page views even with the lowest tier (unlimited views for Tier 4).
2) Hundreds of polished interactivity templates that are very easy to customize.
3) Mix and match as many interactions as you want on one page (the sky is the limit).
4) Embed interactions on your site or run them directly from theirs.
5) Live games! This is a new feature that allows users to compete against each other which is so much fun!
6) Lead forms, timers, rank battle games, quizzes, leader boards, and so much more.

Areas where improvement is still needed:
1) Can only open external links in a new tab which can quickly clutter user's browser with open tabs depending on number of links (feature currently listed as "in development", so hopefully soon).
2) Cannot overlap elements like a button over an image or an image over an interaction. For example, a small custom button takes up a whole row.
3) Unable to add HTML/JS elements.
4) Not GDPR compliant (feature currently listed as "in development", so hopefully soon).
5) Limited API integrations (Zapier no longer a priority).
6) When choosing to use your own domains for white label, you have to create a new custom subdomain or domain for every project you want to publish. For example, URLs need to look like "", "", instead of "", "". This means you have to setup a new DNS record for every single subdomain which is really a pain.

If just two of the above items were addressed within the next two months, I would be happy to give this a full 5 tacos. Even so, this is a great deal, and trust Interacty's small yet mighty team will continue to improve the quality and features of this amazing product in the near future!

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The potential is outstanding

I’ve used Interacty happily, and can’t wait for them to become GDPR compliant (it’s under ‘in progress’ on their roadmap).

I do think that the platform could use some cleaning UX wise - but the functionalities are greater than anywhere else 💫

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Lots to love, but also super annoying in many ways

I bought tier 4.

I run a kid's educational platform and there's so much to Interacty that I really love: games, maps, quests, flashcards, etc..but there are so many small (and a couple large) things that just drive me up the flipping wall.

First and foremost, no SSO? No URL parameters? Being able to ID my users is such a basic feature, I can't even fathom why they chose to leave this off. I'm not sure I've ever come across any "form" for "lead gen" that doesn't have at least URL params, and how much more important is that in something that users actually interact with? Like, at least 5x, come on.

A lot of the styling/CSS doesn't work like it should. For example, an image gallery is not full height on a mobile device by default–it's like 60% height. No idea why when the images are the same dimensions as the phone. Then, changing the styles is a nightmare. First of all, the only way to do it is with custom CSS. Then, I had to change CSS for 3 different elements just to get the image gallery to the correct dimensions, and I had to experiment and set it to the perfect number. A pixel too tall or too short and it starts doing weird stuff, like slowly gliding off the screen. As you might guess, there's also no way to know which class you should be changing. You have to dig through the elements in Chrome inspector and try 5 different element class names that all look like they should work before finding the right one–because the correct element has parent and child elements that are exactly the same size, AND it's all in an iframe...I'm a dev and none of it makes sense to me. It was a 2-3 hour game of trial and error just to get the image gallery to look half decent on mobile.

NOW that I'm considering downgrading with 6 days left to go, I see that ONLY the top tier has the pleasure of editing this CSS monstrocity. Why is being able to change style from something that doesn't work at all to something that looks only half decent, reserved for the top tier?

The CNAME is PER PROJECT. As in, I set a different domain name for every puzzle, every set of flashcards, etc. So my urls are "", "", etc..instead of "", "", etc..It might look like a small issue, but it means I have to go and setup new DNS records for every. single. one. And even after I set them, the share/embed popup doesn't have my new URL. I have to go bakc into the "manage domains" window just to see what it is. Who decided all of this?? Just a bunch of little tedious things that tell me the devs have never really had to use this product for its intended purpose.

I could go on, but I've already written an essay. Honestly, I could forgive all of it if it looked like the devs/support were engaged, but they're not. I asked a reasonably simple question 9 days ago and have not received a response. Now that I'm coming back to it, I can see months old questions on here that have also not received responses.

I really want to love it.

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It seems that I am a interacty employee

Really annoyed with the "Powered by interacty" and the constant links and etc. to interacty website.
Probably will refund. Also dont need tier 3, as I only want to rarely use it on just 1 site.. with the emphasis is on rarely.

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