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Agiled helps you manage all of your business in one place. Focus on your work while Agiled does all the heaving lifting for you. Agiled is an all-in-one business management platform that helps small businesses streamline their operations. It offers a suite of integrated tools for CRM, project management, finance, HR, and more. The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing business owners to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on growing their business. With Agiled, you can capture leads, manage deals, track customer interactions, create professional contracts and proposals, and automate repetitive workflows. The platform also includes features for invoicing, scheduling, team management, and reporting. Agiled integrates with popular apps like QuickBooks, Freshbooks, Zapier, and Google Calendar to help you streamline your workflow. Agiled is trusted by over 18,000 companies and 50,000 happy users who have managed over 200,000 projects on the platform. The platform is suitable for a wide range of industries, including photography, design, consulting, legal, and more. Agiled's intuitive interface and powerful features make it a must-have tool for any small business owner looking to simplify their operations and focus on growth.

  • File Manager

    Manage and share files with your clients and teammates. Set permissions for folders.

  • Product Management

    Create and save products. Create packages from products.

  • Send Announcements

    Send announcements to your clients and teammates to keep them informed.

  • Online Chat

    Chat with your clients and team in real-time. Share files, links, etc.

  • Custom Branding

    Use custom domain & custom SMTP and white-label your account.

  • Email Templates

    Customize email templates and use your brand's tone in emails.

  • Multiple Currencies

    Use multiple currencies in your account to send invoices & estimates.

  • Customize Theme

    Customize theme and colors for client portal for consistent branding.

Live chat

Platforms supported

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

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What everyone's saying

879 reviews
I feel bad

... I honestly feel bad for EVERYONE who never got a chance to purchase Agiled... WOW!!!

Forget HubSpot, Pipedrive, SalesLoft (I have all used these personally) or any other CRM in the marketplace. Agiled dances circles around everyone in the space, INSANE amount of VALUE for the price tag!!

In 30 minutes I had Zoom, Calendar, Gmail all hooked up with my branding. I can create products, invoices, and quotes, I can upload all my docs, create projects, schedule meetings, client portals, and white labeling, payroll, and accounting is in beta!!.. I can even do ticketing!!! The list goes on!!

It is an absolute GODSEND of software FOR ANY solopreneur/entrepreneur with a small-med size business who is looking to consolidate other pieces of software into one central platform to run their day-to-day operations!

Personally, I was attracted to the CRM and ability to quote/invoice to get rid of HubSpot, but WOW, so much more!!

Agiled is a GAME CHANGER in the space and they have a very bright future ahead of them!!

Hands down one of the best investments made on AppSumo bar none!!

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Good Potential

The Product is well thought and would enable any small business or professional firm. I used it as an alternate to more expensive options and found it completely aligned to my needs. The key selling points are whitelable, fully customizable and immensely supportive and responsive team.

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So I don't understand all the good reviews!

I've tested it now and have to say that it feels like a poor replica of SuiteDash plus a few extra features in some respects on a high level, but some things don't work properly and are really round.

I received error pages "Ooops. Something went wrong", created docs that were clearly assigned to a test customer do not appear in his client portal, but the wiki is displayed in the main menu, although this should actually only be displayed to employees, not clients. Signature did not work either, and the customer cannot even change his address in the portal himself. The new proposal editor is similar and unfortunately just as unitutive as the one from SuiteDash (the old, no longer supported, so-called "Classic Proposal" seems to have been even better (like modern fast website builders). An uploaded image file cannot be opened / viewed in Files, but only(!) downloaded again. The (german) translation is also not very good and partly incomplete.

And I also feel that the LTD offer here is slightly worse than that of SuiteDash, as Agiled has restrictions on the number of automations and pipelines deals (even if you get double team members and storage for about the same money).
The only advantages of Agiled are probably the slightly better speed, that they have an app (appropriately with not very good reviews) and possibly a slightly more modern UI, but what's the point if it has no real innovations or improvements over SuiteDash, but comes across as significantly less round and reliable!

And if I've seen this correctly, Agiled has already been on the market for a few years!

By the way, both portals have a relatively high degree of complexity with many submenus and setting options.
In some cases, I can well imagine that lighter and more innovative CRM and customer portal systems would be a better fit and more enjoyable to use.

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Early Signs Look Promising

Had a initial bump in the road getting my login to work and support was slower than I would have liked.

But, now I'm in it looks and feels great. Shows great promise for a SME CRM and Business Management system

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Finnally a decent CRM software at a decent price. I tried so many I can't count them. Thank you!

Yes there are bugs (translations don't always work and the interface sometimes gives me headache) but globally it's great and i'm confident it will improve.

PS: the invoice system should allow us to create bulk invoices or recurrent invoices that are send automatically (same with invoice nbre),

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A lot of value for money

I tried tier 1 out and investigated most features. I have tried many CRMs and found Agiled to be a complete B2B CRM system with almost any CRM feature, and also including HRM and Finance.
Some minor improvements would be nice but not strictly necessary, including the possibility of inserting a logo for accounts.
I may not have looked at the right place yet, but I cannot find the export button for external data backup.
The features in beta look promising and add even further value to the deal. The pricing for add-ons seems reasonable.

I facilitate venture inception and acceleration and business development, where this deal will be highly recommended. However, the usual subscription may not be that recommendable.
So, in conclusion, this deal is a lot of value for money.

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Buggy software- terrible customer service

I read somewhere, "A software is only as good as its customer support." And that is very true! Unfortunately, I've had an extremely negative experience with Agiled software and its customer support. My primary issue revolved around email deliverability, and my interactions with Agiled's customer support were nothing short of frustrating. Their response times were excessively long, a significant concern, particularly for CRM software upon which my business heavily relies.

When they finally did respond, their messages were disappointingly brief and unhelpful. It gave the impression that they didn't genuinely care about resolving the issue. I had spent approximately two weeks setting up the software, learning its intricacies, and importing data, only to discover that I wasn't receiving notification emails. I even reached out to my email provider, who whitelisted Agiled's emails. Despite their assurances that no filtration would occur, I continued to encounter email deliverability problems. I didn't receive notification emails, and even something as critical as a password reset request email failed to reach me. Furthermore, the synchronization of invoices from QuickBooks was problematic. My multiple attempts to seek help regarding this issue went unanswered for two weeks until I decided to cancel my account and request a refund.

In my final email, I expressed my dissatisfaction and warned that their customer service was the worst I'd ever encountered. I stated that if they remained unresponsive, I would cancel my account and leave an honest review that reflected the level of customer service received. Sadly, they didn't even acknowledge this message, giving the impression that they simply didn't care. (it has been weeks past and yet there is no response!)

Adding to the list of issues, the software's environment felt outdated, and even basic tasks proved challenging. Email communication was one-way, meaning that when customers responded to emails sent from the software, their responses didn't appear in the CRM. This rendered the point of email communication and syncing with the CRM essentially moot since the email history wasn't recorded.

These are just a few of the challenges I've encountered. While I had a lifetime deal, and in theory, it could be worthwhile, I can't continue using a CRM plagued by these issues, especially given the complete absence of reliable support. If an issue were to arise, my business would be left hanging for weeks, with no guarantee of a solution. I'm thankful that I identified these problems early on, sparing me from the headache of discovering them after it was too late. My suggestion to anybody who considering purchasing this software go and read negative reviews first. If you see they all have something in common just stay away, even if it is tempting and seems to be a great deal. You are saving yourself so much headache.

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Perfect for My Bussines

I bought this one because of the number of the possitive reviews and i have to say that most of them are right.
Isn't perfect and i feel many stuff missing or that has to be corrected but if they do work the roadmap as it goes it will get well.
I don't give them 5 stars because i wrote to the customer service like 4 times and never got any reply from them.

At the same time those mistakes in the finances dashboard and number showing wrongly , plus some other stuff makes me give them 4 Stars could be 3 but the system is so easy to use and works so good for my bussines that yes 4 Stars are perfect.
Hope to get replied one day by them and that the go on with the Roadmap adding more extra stuff. I could even pay them monthly if this will help to it because is perfect app.

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Good, but not perfect

I looked at using this potentially as a replacement for my Jira board.

It looks great...

BUT ....

If you go to LinkedIn ( its only 4 employees, and all out of Pakistan.

I didn't feel comfortable putting all of my client information in the platform. I am worried about real data concerns on this. If this was something I could move over to my own secure AWS hosting, I would pay more for it.

No offense, I just don't trust it. Its hard for 4 people to support this which is why the support is ok....

It looks like a good product. I think it would be good if you all got more developers and scaled, and had more presence in other countries.

Don't get me wrong... I am rooting for you all. I just needed to put up a real review among all these 5 stars.

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I missed this closing

I need to buy another code for this service. Is this coming back soon?

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Great CRM - Love the simplicity

I'm really excited about this CRM. I tried a few and always went back to using different programs for different things. But then I thought, let me just try Agiled. The first impression is wonderful. I like the interface, I love the simplicity, and it offers everything I need at this moment.

Setting everything up is easy. Great way to manage leads, contacts, sending invoices, and getting those contracts signed online! Adding a project in Agiled is intuitive and offers time tracking, so you have a good overview of how much time a project takes. This is essential for me when sending an invoice.

There are a few things that are still in development, but when they are ready use, I don't think I'm going to need any other tools anymore.

The support is very helpful and friendly.

Get it while you can ;)

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I highly recommend it to all business owners

I'm not one to typically write reviews, but I must say that Agiled has proven to be incredibly beneficial for my business operations. Agiled has an excellent CRM that allows me to easily manage my prospects. I have all the essential tools to efficiently manage payment processing, subscriptions, employee administration, document collaboration, and the capability to create and distribute proposals and contracts. The white label is truly exceptional. I have my Agiled dashboard on my own subdomain with my own logo and the emails are sent from my email domain.

My clients are totally impressed when I onboard them on the client portal. They want to discover my secret, but Agiled is still my undisclosed secret tool.

I highly recommend Agiled to any agencies or businesses in need of a comprehensive dashboard for managing all their operations.

The support provided is excellent. I receive answers to all my questions within a matter of minutes or hours, directly on the chat widget. It's truly perfect. I can't comprehend why other reviews are complaining about the support. I receive prompt responses to all of my questions.

The road map appears quite promising, especially with the addition of Accounting and Gantt Chart features!

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