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CoSupport AI

Generative AI assistant built on your company's data

Boost customer support, automate requests, and gain unparalleled business insights

About CoSupport AI

CoSupport AI is the ultimate AI-powered assistant that revolutionizes customer support and business intelligence. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your company's data, this innovative solution transforms untapped information into a goldmine of insights. With CoSupport AI, your customer support team can effortlessly handle inquiries, providing personalized and accurate responses in record time. Meanwhile, your internal teams gain access to a limitless source of business intelligence, empowering data-driven decision-making across all departments. Whether you're a customer service agent, a product manager, or an executive, CoSupport AI is your trusted partner, unlocking new levels of efficiency, productivity, and competitive edge. Experience the magic of generative AI and elevate your business to new heights.

  • Self-sufficient AI for Customer Service

    CoSupport AI for customer service can be 100% self-sufficient & respond to customers all on its own.

  • AI Agent Assistant

    CoSupport AI agent assistant generates personalized response suggestions that optimize and reduce the ticket processing time by 30 to 80%.

  • Innovative AI Business Copilot

    CoSupport AI copilot solution processes everything your business generates and turns it into an always-online Business Intelligence.

  • Patented AI Architecture

    CoSupport AI's Patented AI Message Generation Technology delivers swift, precise, and cost-effective solutions, ensuring top-notch data security.

  • Enterprise-grade Integration

    Security, customization, and flexibility are cornerstones for big companies. CoSupport AI offers special features tailored to enterprise clients.

What everyone's saying

2 reviews
Improves response time (50% rise) after CRM integration with CoSupport Agent

CoSupport Agent is an AI assistant for customer service. We integrated the assistant into our CRM system to provide semi-automation of responses. Now, Outstaff Your Team recruiters use response drafts formulated by AI to answer employers and candidates within seconds. CoSupport Agent allowed us to spend less time responding to simple, FAQ-type questions and to provide deeper responses to more complex queries that require greater expertise in HR and more empathy. We reduced the response time by 50%, which we consider impressive. Last but not least, the solution’s cost turned out to be more than affordable, despite our expectations.

Jul 17, 2024
Ann Kuss
Ann Kuss
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A versatile BI tool for for every business domain.

We were in search of a tool for business analytics tasks that all team members can use, including those who don’t have knowledge of analysis. The reason is the launch of a new product. We needed our marketing, product, and sales teams to make quick observations of what was happening with sales and all related processes (what product features clients like/dislike most, what customer behavior and feedback are, etc.). We set up CoSupport BI, which happened to be a very suitable and easy-to-use tool. According to my team’s feedback, my colleagues use the AI assistant for dealing with everyday tasks in analysis. Also, my colleagues use the BI tool for text creation on the go (emails, social media posts, ideas for promotion, etc.). We were glad to meet such a supportive team, transparent and precise in communication.

Jun 26, 2024
Karyna Naminas
Karyna Naminas
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